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Asociacion Deportivo Pasto or simply Deportivo Pasto is a Colombian football (soccer) team from the city of Pasto, Narino Department. It was founded in 1919 as "El Libertador". Pasto plays in the Futbol Profesional Colombiano.

Club Data

Mayor (1st) league Seasons: 12

B League seasons: 3


Local Awards

Primera B Colombia 1998 Champions

Futbol Profesional Colombiano 2002 Clausura - Runners-up

Futbol Profesional Colombiano 2006 Apertura - Champions (against Deportivo Cali)

Current squad

As of Jan 16, 2008


Base Uniform: Red Shirt, blue shorts, red socks.

Alternative uniform: Blue or White shirt , Blue or white shorts, blue or white socks.


Libertad Stadium, built November 1954, is used for local matches of Deportivo Pasto. It has been remodeled twice (2000 and 2005), and its total capacity is 25,000 fans.

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