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Colombian Weasel

Colombian Weasel (Mustela felipei), also known as '''Don Felipe's Weasel', is a very rare species of weasel only known with certainty from the departments of Huila and Cauca in Colombia and nearby northern Ecuador (where only known from a single specimen). Both its scientific and alternative common name honours the mammalogist Phillip "Don Felipe" Hershkowitz.Izor, R. J., and L. de la Torre. 1978. A New Species of Weasel (Mustela) from the Highlands of Colombia, with Comments on the Evolution and Distribution of South American Weasels.Journal of Mammalogy. Vol. 59(1): 92-102

It has a head and body length of about 22 cm , and a tail of about 11 cm . The upperparts and tail are blackish-brown, while the underparts are orange-buff. The fur is fairly long.

It appears to be largely restricted to riparian habitats at an altitude of 1700-2700 m (5600-8900 ft). There is extensive deforestation within its small range, and with less than 10 known specimens, it is probably the rarest carnivoran in South America.Novak, R. M. 1999. Walker's Mammals of the World.'' 6th edition. Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore. ISBN 0801857899 It is therefore considered vulnerable by IUCN.

Very little is known about its behavior, but it has several features, among them extensive toe webbing, which suggests it has a semiaquatic lifestyle.


Izor, R. J. y N. E. Peterson. 1985. Notes on South American weasels. Journal of Mammalogy 66: 788790.

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