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Colombia Journal

Colombia Journal is an online publication that contains commentaries and analysis about political, social and economic issues related to Colombia. It also provides a critical perspective of U.S. foreign policy in Colombia. The editor is Garry Leech, an independent journalist and author of [[Crude Interventions: The United States, Oil and the New World (Dis)Order]] and [[Killing Peace: Colombia's Conflict and the Failure of U.S. Intervention]] .

Editorial Staff

Editor - Garry Leech

Associate Editor - Eric Fichtl

Associate Editor - Terry Gibbs

Mission of Colombia Journal

The mission of Colombia Journal is to promote political, social and economic justice in Colombia by creating a greater awareness and understanding of U.S. foreign policy. To this end, Colombia Journal provides editorial analysis and investigative reports based on field research conducted in Colombia. We believe that easy and affordable access to information and analysis of U.S. foreign policy in Colombia is essential if citizens are to effectively participate in the democratic process.

History of Colombia Journal

Garry Leech was formerly editor of Colombia Report, which he co-founded with Jacqueline Gentile in January 2000. From June 2000 until September 2003, Colombia Report was published by the non-profit Information Network of the Americas (INOTA). On September 2, 2003, it was agreed that INOTA would no longer publish Colombia Report. At that time, in order to continue providing information and analysis about U.S. foreign policy in Colombia, a new independent publication called Colombia Journal was launched. Colombia Journal contains all the articles and special reports previously published by Colombia Report.

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