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Agustin Codazzi or Codazzi, is a city and municipality of the Department of Cesar. It was fouded in 1784 by the Spanish Captain Salvador Felix de Arias with the name of El Pueblito del Espiritu Santo but later renamed after the Italian cartographer, Giovanni Battista Agostino Codazzi, who died in this place in 1859. Its located by the Serrania de los Motilones and the valley of the Cesar River.

In 1958 was proclaimed municipality due to its rapid population increase in the 1950s and 1960s triggered by an agricultural boom of cotton, that attracted people searching for jobs from many departments of Colombia; mainly from Tolima Deparment, Huila Department, Santander Department, Norte de Santander Department, Antioquia Department, Cundinamarca Department, Bolivar Department and Magdalena Department.

When this boom ended the agroindustry opted for other products like Palm, Sugar Cane, liquors and milk products.

Today this town has approximately 50.768 inhabitants.




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