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Carlos Dengler

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Carlos "D" Dengler born April 23, 1974 is the bassist for the band Interpol who is also an aspiring film and TV producer.


Guitarist Daniel Kessler approached Dengler in 1998 and asked him about joining his band while they were both attending New York University. Dengler was studying philosophy and history at the time and wanted to pursue a career as an academic, but was coaxed into joining the band along with lead singer Paul Banks. Dengler attended St. Francis Prep in Fresh Meadows, NY.

Carlos D's trademark style is marked with strident staccato bursts, a clean tone brought about by his Fender Jazz Bass, and octave jumps, almost in a disco-like fashion. The low E string is lowered to D as the band writes many songs in D and B minor, however this causes the loosened string to "flap about a lot." One of his influences is Joy Division/New Order bassist Peter Hook, and like Hook, he also wears the bass guitar very low — often near knee level — and uses a pick to pluck the strings. He has recently been seen with a new style that includes a moustache making him look like an old Western outlaw/card dealer. The moustache is gone now, though.

He used to play the keyboards when Eric Altesleben wasnt touring with the band, during the Turn On The Bright Lights tour.


When on the road and off, Carlos actively works on original film and TV projects. He recently wrote, produced, and scored a short film called Golgotha, directed by his friend Daniel Ryan. http://www.myspace.com/golgothafilm

In the past, Carlos pursued disc jockeying. He would spin 80s/New Wave music but also threw more obscure and contemporary tunes into the mix.

Carlos has also remixed songs for B-side releases including VHS or Beta's "Night on Fire", "Every Day Is Exactly the Same" by Nine Inch Nails alongside Sam Fog (which is bandmate Samuel Fogarino) and Interpol's own "Public Pervert".

Carlos plays a black standard Fender Jazz Bass (which was used on Antics and Turn on the Bright Lights) with the knobs removed (Antics era and beyond) and does not use any effects pedals.

He contributed the song "Katya and Josh Ain't Havin' It" to the HBO Voyeur Project.

Carlos is half German and half Colombian.

Carlos resides in Brooklyn, New York City with his Italian Greyhound, Gaius.

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