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Brown-throated Three-toed Sloth

The Brown-throated Sloth (Bradypus variegatus) is a species of three-toed sloth from Central and South America. It is a mammal classified within the Bradypodidae family. It is one of only four species of three-toed sloths; the other three being the Pygmy Sloth, the Pale-throated Sloth, and the Maned Sloth.

The Brown-throated Sloth is the most widespread and common species of the group, being found in many different kinds of environments, including evergreen and dry forests and in highly perturbed natural areas.

It is a solitary, nocturnal and diurnal animal, feeding on leaves of many species of trees.

The female of the species is known to emit a loud, shrill scream during the mating season to attract males. It is a cry that sounds like "ay ay". This scream has been remarked to sound exactly like that of a woman screaming. The male can be identified by a black stripe surrounded by orange fur on its back between the shoulders.

The Brown-throated Sloth has grayish brown to beige color fur and it is very coarse and stiff. A sloth has a round head and on it there are two eyes, a blunt nose, peg-like teeth, and ears that are not visible. The tail of a sloth is very small.

Over parts of its range, the Brown-throated Sloth overlaps the range of Hoffmann's Two-toed Sloth. Where this overlap occurs, the three-toed sloth tends to be smaller and more numerous than its relative, being more active in moving through the forest and maintaining more diurnal activity.


There are seven subspecies of the Brown-throated Sloth:

Bradypus variegatus boliviensis, Gray 1871

Bradypus variegatus brasiliensis, Blainville 1840

Bradypus variegatus ephippiger, Philippi 1870

Bradypus variegatus gorgon, Thomas 1827

Bradypus variegatus infuscatus, Wagler 1831

Bradypus variegatus trivittatus, Cornalia 1849

Bradypus variegatus variegatus, Schinz, 1825


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