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Baudo Guan

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The Baudo Guan, Penelope ortoni, is a species of bird from the family Cracidae. It is subtropical bird that is distributed throughout South America.

Very little is known about the Baudo Guan's diet and reproduction.


Penelope ortoni has been recorded locally along the west Andean foothills throughout west Colombia and in Ecuador, south to Naranjal, Guayas. In Colombia, recent reports are from Choco, Valle del Cauca and Narino. In Ecuador, it occurs in the Mindo-Nambillo area, Pichincha, but the majority of modern records are from Esmeraldas. The range and population of P. ortoni have undoubtedly contracted greatly.

P. ortoni occurs in Cotacachi-Cayapas ER (Esmeraldas), Farallones de Cali (Valle de Cauca) and Ensenada de Utria (Choco) National Parks and in the small El Pangan Nature Reserve, Narino. Historical specimens from the vicinity of Munchique National Park, Colombia, suggest that fieldwork at appropriate altitudes would probably find the species.


P. ortoni's population has not been properly quantified. The 2006 IUCN Red List estimates the population between 2,000-9,999 individuals.

Physical description

66 cm. Shy, drab, long-tailed cracid. All rich brown with greyish-brown tinge to neck and head and fine whitish edging to foreneck and breast. Bare blue ocular area, prominent red dewlap, and dull-red legs.


This species is extremely sensitive to habitat modification and hunting. Large parts of its range have long since been deforested and plans to colonize and develop more remote regions are progressing through the rapid expansion of the road network.


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