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Awa (kwaiker)

The Awa (or Kwaiker) are an ancient indigenous people that inhabit the regions of northern Ecuador (provinces of Carchi and Sucumbios) and southern Colombia (particularly the departments of Narino y Putumayo). Their entire population is around 32,555 members Saavedra, L. Awas unite to fend off threats, Latinamerica press, January 22, 2009; Retrieved on February 19, 2009. They speak a language called Awapit.

Their main organization is called UNIPA, which stands for Unity of Indigenous People Awa. Another internal organization is CAMAWARI. Their main leaders are called Governors. Awa actively participate in local politics since 1993 when they elected the first mayor of in the municipality of Ricaurte (Juan Legarda) and several municipal counsellors. Since that year Awa people has continued to play an important role in the politics of the department of Narino.

In 11th February 2009, 10 Awa members were killed by the FARC guerrillas who accused them of working as informers for the Colombian army.

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