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Apolinar's Wren

The '''Apolinar's Wren'(Cistothorus apolinari) is a passerine bird in the Troglodytidae family. It is endemic to the Andean areas of Colombia. Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical high-altitude grassland (between 2500 to 4000 meters altitude), freshwater lakes, and freshwater marshes. It is threatened by habitat loss. Its Spanish common name is "Cucarachero de pantano" .

This bird is small, (near 13 cm length) with brown head, gray patches around the eyes, streaked dark back and reddish tail.

Its singing is composed mainly of low notes, with a characteristic sound of "twii" and territorial calls sounding like "tchorr". The bird feeds on spiders and small insects. Usually it hides in swamps and reed fields with presence of espadana plants (Typhaceae) and juncales (Scirpus californicus''). The nesting seasons are in March and August.


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