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Yasna Provoste

Yasna Provoste Campillay is a Chilean teacher and Christian Democrat politician. She was governor of the Huasco Province (1997-2001), intendant of the Atacama Region (2001-04), minister of Planning (2004-06) and minister of Education (2006-08). She is the first minister to be impeached by Congress since democracy returned to Chile in 1990.

Impeachment trial

In February 2008, the Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic reported that around US$500 million transferred by the Education Ministry to public and subsidized private schools during 20042008 were not properly accounted for and that nearly US$600K were illegally transferred by an accountant working in the Ministry's Santiago Regional Office to private school managers and her relatives. There were also reports of financial mismanagement in other areas, as well as duplicate enrollment of thousand of students.

Vote details

Chamber of Deputies:

Admissibility of impeachment against the Minister of Education Yasna Provoste.

*Yes: 59 (50.9%) [All opposition-party deputies, plus independent deputy Marta Isasi, and former Christian Democrats Alejandra Sepulveda, Jaime Mulet, Eduardo Diaz and Carlos Olivares.]

*No: 55 (47.4%) [All Concertacion deputies, except Christian Democrats Gabriel Ascencio and Pablo Lorenzini, Party for Democracy Rene Alinco, and Socialist Laura Soto.]

*Abstention: 2 (1.7%) [Concertacion deputies Rene Alinco and Pablo Lorenzini.]

*Not present: 3 [Former Christian Democrat Pedro Araya, Christian Democrat Gabriel Ascencio and former Party for Democracy Esteban Valenzuela.]

*Barred from voting: 1 [Socialist Laura Soto.]


Count 1: Not correcting the grave infringements and irregularities committed by the Santiago Metropolitan Region Ministerial Secretary of Education in the handling of public funds.

*Yes: 20 (52.6%) [Votes by senators from the opposition parties Independent Democrat Union and National Renewal, by former Concertacion senators Fernando Flores and Adolfo Zaldivar, and by independent senator Carlos Bianchi.]

*No: 18 (47.4%) [Votes by senators from the governing Concertacion coalition.]

*Abstention: 0 (0.0%)

*Result: Approved.

Count 2: Not applying sanctions in the cases of grave infractions to the subsidizing law.

*Yes: 19 (50.0%) [Same as Count 1, minus Bianchi.]

*No: 19 (50.0%) [Same as Count 1, plus Bianchi.]

*Abstention: 0 (0.0%)

*Result: Rejected.

Count 3: Not dismissing the Santiago Metropolitan Region Ministerial Secretary of Education, administratively responsible in the grave infractions and irregularities.

*Yes: 4 (10.5%) [Four opposition-party senators.]

*No: 34 (89.5%)

*Abstention: 0 (0.0%)

*Result: Rejected.

Count 4: Ignoring the results and recommendations of audits that revealed the very grave irregularities committed in different programs and regions of the country.

*Yes: 14 (36.8%) [Thirteen opposition-party senators, plus Zaldivar.]

*No: 24 (63.2%)

*Abstention: 0 (0.0%)

*Result: Rejected.

Count 5: Providing inaccurate or intentionally incomplete information to the public opinion and to the Chamber of Deputies, thus violating the principle of administrative probity.

*Yes: 3 (7.9%) [Three opposition-party senators.]

*No: 34 (89.5%)

*Abstention: 1 (2.6%) [Former Concertacion senator Fernando Flores.]

*Result: Rejected.

Provoste was accused by the opposition of not correcting these irregularities and was impeached as minister of Education by the Chamber of Deputies on April 3, 2008 and suspended from her post. The Senate heard her case on April 15, 2008 and voted to convict her the following day on one out of five counts. She was immediately removed from office and disqualified from office for the following five years.

On October 15, 2008 Provoste filed a suit against the Chilean State before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.

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