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Vigilante is a Chilean aggrotech/industrial metal/cross-over band formed in 2005.


VIGILANTE in the beginning was born both Ivan Munoz (vocals, sequences and guitars) and Rodrigo Ramirez (sequences) for creating a musical project that join their passion for electronic, metal and industrial, with a strong and direct message that may awake the consciences of people. They begin a heavy composition work together that will bring to life their first LP album, "The Heroe's Code", edited for South America with Twiligth Records, Black Rain Records in Europe and Irond Records for Russia. During 2005, Mario Chacana (electronic drums) and Rodrigo Albornoz (guitars) join the band giving the force and passion needed in live performances by Vigilante. In that year, Vigilante obtains a great acceptance at national and worldwide scene both for the sound and live performances, with reviews and interviews in many world places. Inside this constant work of remixes done by Vigilante, various are edited: Pornomotora("Mantra"), Z-Prochek ("One Day"), Alien Produkt ("Acceso Denegado"), Golem 101 ("Dunkelkammer"), Tyske Ludder ("An Vordester Front"), and many more. In addition the band participates in very important national and international compilations, being able to be distributed physical and digitally around the world. In the middle of 2006 Vigilante suffers some changes in the original structure because Mario Chacana (electronic drums) and Rodrigo Albornoz (guitars) leave the band. For that reason it is decided to abandon the live electronic percussion, by reducing the lineup to three and adding to Mario Salgado in guitars. With all that people Vigilante begins their first European tour, taking them to Spain, Nederland and Germany, where participate in "Wave-Gotik-Treffen Festival 2006", one of the most important of world. On July 2006, thanks to other bands support in diverse world places such as Slovenia, USA, Germany or France, Vigilante launchs the "Jucio Final" Maxi CD by the German label "Black Rain Records", including various remixes, and for the first time, themes in their native language. At the end of 2006, the Vigilante's co-author Rodrigo Ramirez quit the band, assuming Ivan Munoz the whole composition responsibility for Vigilante. After several auditions, Vigilante finds the force and support needed in live by incorporating Lucia Ponticas in keyboards and Daniel Duarte in guitars. Currently, Vigilante is heavily working that will be the third album and second LP, tentatively called "A War of Ideas" and preparing the second European tour.


To date they have released only one album, The Heroe's Code, and a Maxi CD called Juicio Final.

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