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Roberto Ampuero

Roberto Ampuero is a Chilean author, columnist, and a university professor. His first novel Quien mato a Kristian Justermann? was published in 1993 and in it he introduced his private eye, Cayetano Brule, winning the Revista del Libro prize of El Mercurio. Since then the detective has appeared in five novels. In addition he has published an autobiographical novel about his years in Cuba titled Nuestros Anos Verde Olivo in 1999 and the novels Los Amantes de Estocolmo ) and Pasiones Griegas . His novels have been published in Latin America and Spain, and have been translated into German, French, Italian, Chinese, Swedish, Portuguese, Greek, and Croatian. In Chile his works have sold more than 40 editions. Ampuero now resides in Iowa where he is a professor at the University of Iowa in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese. He was a columnist of La Tercera and the New York Times Syndicate and since March of 2009 has been working as a columnist for El Mercurio.

In 1977 Ampuero obtained the Premio Lautaro de Cuentos (Short Stories Prize) from the Comite de la Resistencia Chilena, La Habana, and in 1978 he received the Mencio Concurso de Cuentos 13 de Marzo. Then in 1979 he obtained a B.A. in Latin American Literature and left Cuba.

After five years in La Habana, in 1979 he returned to Eastern Germany. There he attended the Escuela Juvenil Superior Wilhelm Pieck (JHSWP), nicknamed the Red Monastery, next to Berlin and the Bogensee lake. There with other Chileans, he got a Marxist education for a year, studying the Marxist and Lenin doctrine. He was a member of the Union de Jovenes Democratas(UJD), of liberal inspiration. Ampuero remembered that the JHSWP wasnt a Punto Cerro of military training like the ones that are in Cuba, Bulgaria, Libya, but a school of ideological thinking, but many others started believing in the idea that the only way was to resort to arms.

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