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Raul Iturriaga

Raul Eduardo Iturriaga Neumann is a retired Army general and a former deputy director of the DINA, the Chilean secret police under the Augusto Pinochet military dictatorship. He was in charge of a secret detention center known as La Venda Sexy ("Sexy Blindfold") and La Discotheque because of the sexual abuse inflicted on blindfolded prisoners as loud music masked their screams. An aide to General Manuel Contreras, head of the DINA, he was in charge of several assassinations carried out in the frame of Operation Condor. He has been condemned in absentia in Italy for the failed murder of Christian-Democrat Bernardo Leighton, and is wanted both in Spain and in Argentina. In the latter country, he is accused of the assassination of General Carlos Prats.Claudia Lagos and Patrick J. McDonnell Fugitive ex-general stirs 'dirty war' animosities in Chile, Los Angeles Times, 16 June 2007

He attended again a special military course in Panama in 1976. Iturriaga became vice-director of Intelligence in the DINA in 1977, before also taking care of its Economic Department, in charge of firms owned by the DINA.

In 2002, he was indicted for the "disappearance" of Victor Olea in September, 1974 El Mercurio, 9 March 2002, Someten a proceso a Raul Iturriaga Neumann .

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