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Radomiro Tomic

Radomiro Tomic Romero (7 May 1914 3 January 1992) was a Chilean politician of Croatian origin. He was one of the most prominent leaders of that country's Christian Democrat Party.

Born in Antofagasta, Tomic received his law degree from the Universidad Catolica de Chile (UC), where he first became involved in political activity, in the Social Christian Party. One of the co-founders in 1938 of the Falange Nacional (later the Christian Democrat Party of Chile or PDC), he became president of the party 19461947 and 19521953. He married Olaya Errazuriz Echenique, and together they had 10 children.

Among other activities Tomic was director of the newspaper El Tarapaca of Iquique (19371941) and later of the Editorial del Pacifico.

Tomic served as deputy for Arica, Pisagua and Iquique (19411949). When senator and poet Pablo Neruda was banned by the Ley de Defensa Permanente de la Democracia (Law for the Permanent Defense of Democracy)which banned the Communist Party of Chile and removed numerous voters from the rolls)Tomic won the vacated seat in a by-election. He served as senator for Tarapaca and Antofagasta (19501961), and then for Aconcagua and Valparaiso (19611965). In 1965 he resigned his senatorial seat to become Chile's ambassador to the United States (4 March 1965 April 1968).

As leader of the progressive wing of the Christian Democrates, he was the party's presidential candidate in the 1970 election in which Salvador Allende won a plurality and, with Tomic's support, was ratified by parliament as president. Allende died three years later in the Chilean coup of 1973, which put an end to democracy in Chile for over 15 years.

As a parliamentarian and politician Tomic was a defender of Chilean sovereignty over the country's copper deposits and in the nationalization of that industry. In 1997, CODELCO named a Radomiro Tomic mine in his honor.

Tomic died in 1992 in Santiago.


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