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Popular Unitary Action Movement

The Popular Unitary Action Movement or MAPU was a small leftist political party in Chile. It was part of the Popular Unity coalition during the government of Salvador Allende. MAPU was repressed during the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet. In this period, some of its most radical members formed the Movimiento Juvenil Lautaro, whose leaders where political prisoners during the dictatorship and with the return to democracy. Another faction of the former members of the party joined the social democratic Party for Democracy in 1987.

MAPU was first formed as a splinter group of the Christian Democrat Party of Chile on May 19, 1969. As time progressed, the party became increasingly radicalized and adopted Marxism.

Notable members assassinated under Pinochet

Rene Guillermo Aguilera Olivares

Hernaldo Aguilera Salas

Carlos Enrique Alcayaga Varela

Jose Rufino Cordova Croxato

Nelson Jorge Flores Zapata

Oscar Armando Gomez Farias

Roberto Dario Hernandez Andrade

Jose Gregorio Hernandez Andrade

Lincoyan Carlos Huenul Lopez

Jorge Andres Lamana Abarzua

Pedro Meneses Brito

Leomeres Monroy Seguel

Miguel Angel Moyano Santander

Eugenio Ruiz-Tagle Orrego

Luis Onofre Saez Espinoza

Eduardo Toledo Cartes

Jorge Manuel Vasquez Matamala.

Oscar Vega Gonzalez.

Gabriel Gonzalo Vergara Munoz

Michael Roy Woodward Iriberri

Rettig report listing

Members who were victims of forced disappearaces by Pinochet's Secret Police

Lucio Hernan Angulo Carrillo

Levy Segundo Arrano Sancho

Juan Bautista Bastias Riquelme

Silvio Francisco Bettancourt Bahamondes

Rene Burdiles Almonacid

Raul Ivan Carcamo Aravena

Gaston De Jesus Cortes Valdivia

Luis Eduardo Duran Rivas

Luis Enrique Gonzalez Gonzalez

Reinaldo Luis Jeldres Riveros

Sergio Hernan Lagos Hidalgo

Alberto Leiva Vargas

Maria Cecilia Magnet Ferrero

Juan Bosco Maino Canales

Sergio Adrian Maureira Lillo

Jose Manuel Maureira Munoz

Rodolfo Antonio Maureira Munoz

Segundo Armando Maureira Munoz

Sergio Miguel Maureira Munoz

Jose Rosendo Perez Rios

Elizabeth Mercedes Rekas Urra (Aged 27. Forced Disappearance. Santiago May 1976)

Hector Patricio Vergara Doxrud

Rettig report listing

External links

Rettig Report or The National Commission for Truth and Reconciliation Report (English Translation)

MAPU Memorial Website (Spanish language)

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