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Los Updates are a minimal dance group formed by Jorge Gonzalez of Los Prisioneros. They began sometime in the summer of 2006 after Los Prisioneros had broken up. Throughout the year they recorded some songs which will be released as an EP in possibly mid 2007.


Jorge Gonzalez and Loreto Otero are the main members of the brainchild project of Jorge Gonzalez called "Los Updates". After Los Prisioneros broke up in march of 2006, Jorge continued to pursue his interest in dance music, and since he had by then relocated to Mexico D.F., the electronic music scene is highly open and active there so he felt compelled to begin a new musical endeavor, a dance-intense electronic group, Los Updates. As of March 2007, Los Updates have been playing large scale concerts/festivals in Peru, Ecuador, Chile, and Mexico. They are finalizing the cover art for their E.P. that they plan on releasing in Mexico and Chile. All songs have been composed, sung, and recorded by Gonzalez, while his wife, Loreto is in charge of the cover art as well as during live shows, she controls the stage screens and graphics. Their live set up consists of 3 Mac laptops, one which Gonzalez uses as well as having his Telecaster hooked up to an amp during certain songs, Loreto on another Mac just running graphics, and usually different guests filling in as back up vocals/Mac duties during live performances.

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