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Lesbos in Love , is a Chilean Synth pop New Wave band formed in Santiago by Jazmin Avendano and Tonko Yutronic.


Lesbos In Love formed in 2000 in Santiago, Chile as a duo whose members came from different bands (Miradas & Doncellas, Ciudadano Kane, Sincro and Area 52 among others). Jazmin Avendano and Tonko Yutronic had previously met in 1996 under a project called ASTRADYNE (named after the homonymous song by ULTRAVOX) with ex-ARTEKKNIA Mario Aguilar. Together, they recorded just one song , “Nas Noites” which remains unreleased until now. “The Ghost of Her” is their debut album, which comprises nine songs composed and produced between 2000 and 2001. It is sung in English and Portuguese (to be issued early this year).

During 2002, they were invited to contribute to the soundtrack for the film “Sangre Eterna” by the director Jorge Olguin. The selected song was “The End”, included in the homonymous album that Warner Music Chile released in November of the same year. Due to the relative success of the movie, they decided to put out a domestic edition in which “The End” was the main single and “Alem do sol” , its “b-side” (an attempt to show both musical sides of the band : a pop more accessible approach and a darker more contemplative one).

The following years saw the band involved in gigs and the finishing of the album, which was done entirely at Yutronic’s home studio (from recording and producing to mixing and mastering). This fact gave them freedom enough to develop a musical concept of their own, that shows an elegant mixture of pop and electronics with a dark touch.


  • Jazmin Avendano - Vocals
  • Tonko Yutronic - Keyboards



  • The Ghost of Her - 2006


  • The End - 2002


  • Sangre Eterna Original Soundtrack - 2002 (CD)


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  • Unofficial Web Site
  • Record Label
  • Audio Streaming Web Site
  • Audio Streaming Web Site II
  • Chilean-musical-groups

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