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Laguna del Laja National Park

Laguna del Laja National Park is a national park of Chile located in the Andes, between 3722 and 3728 south latitude and 7116 and 7126 west longitude.


The park features spectacular mountain landscapes, whose main attractions are the Antuco Volcano, Sierra Velluda and Laguna del Laja (Laja Lake). The latter gives the name to this protected area, but it only borders the park. The park ranges in elevation from 976 m to 3585 m at Sierra Velluda. Although a little snow caps Antuco volcano, much more snow adorns the two major summits of its southern neighbor, even during Chiles summer. Sharp ridges and deep valleys carve this rugged region, which alternates between bare rock and lush vegetation. Another summit in the park, although least prominent, is Cerro Condor at 1,668 m.

The park forms part of the Bio-Bio River basin. Some small tributaries of Laja River originate in the park.


It is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including the Cougar and foxes (particularly the Chilla and the Culpeo). In the park have been identified 47 bird species.

Endangered and rare vegetation species are found in the park. Among them are: Cipres de la Cordillera, Araucaria, Maiten del Chubut and Radal Enano.


Several activities can be performed within the boundaries of the park and in the surrounding area including climbing, trekking, skiing and fishing.

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