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Joaquin Toesca y Ricci (Rome; 1745 - Santiago; June 11, 1799), born Gioacchino Toesca, was an Italian architect who worked for the kings of Spain, especially in Chile.

Son of Giuseppe Toesca and Maria Ricci, he started his architecture studies while in the army, in the workshop of Francesco Sabatini. He traveled with Sabatini to the court in Madrid, also studying mathematics in Barcelona.

In 1780 he traveled to Santiago at the request of the Governor Agustin de Jauregui and the archbishop Santiago Manuel de Alday y Aspee, who wanted him to build a cathedral. In addition to this work, he was also occupied in developing the plans for the Palacio de la Moneda, originally to house the royal mint, and eventually to become Chile's "White House".

In 1782 Toesca was married to Manuela Fernandez de Rebolledo, a colorful and scandalous woman who became involved with one of Toesca's disciples. After she attempted to assassinate Toesca via poisoned asparagus, she was put in a convent (from which she regularly escaped).

Toesca did not live long enough to see his two major projects, the Cathedral or the Palacio, completed. However, he did finish a number of other smaller works, including the Cabildo (City Hall) of Santiago, the hospital San Juan de Dios, and breakwaters which would prove crucial in protecting the city from floods. His style throughout was generally neoclassical, and his influence on Santiago--either direct or through his many disciples--is very notable

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