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Jaime Fillol (b. June 3, 1946) is a former tennis player from Chile. He played amateur and professional tennis in the 1960s and 1970s.

Fillol was ranked as high as world number 14 in singles on the ATP Rankings (achieving that ranking on March 2 1974) and number 82 in doubles (January 2 1984).

In the Open era (after 1968), Fillol won seven singles titles and 15 doubles titles. In addition Jaime was a founding member and one of the first ATP Presidents. As President of the ATP, Jaime had a passion to create the first Pension Plan of the ATP and thus it was named after him. Jaime is also a member of the University of Miami "Hall of Fame" where he graduated in 1969.

He competed at the 1975 Davis Cup with Patricio Cornejo where he played the longest Davis Cup rubber in terms of games, eventually losing to Americans Stan Smith and Erik Van Dillen, winning the first set 9-7, the next 39-37, but lost the next three sets, 6-8, 1-6, 3-6 in the 1973 American Zone Final. The second set is the world record for the most number of games in a Davis Cup set.

Career highlights

Career Singles Titles (7)

  • 1971--Tanglewood;
  • 1973--Tanglewood;
  • 1975--Dusseldorf;
  • 1976--Dayton;
  • 1981--Mexico City;
  • 1982--Bahia, Itaparica

Career Singles Finals (12)

  • 1967--Cincinnati
  • 1973--Johannesburg WCT, Madrid;
  • 1974--Louisville, Orlando WCT;
  • 1976--Buenos Aires, Paris Indoor;
  • 1977--Canada, Buenos Aires, Madrid, Santiago;
  • 1983--Vina Del Mar

Career Doubles Titles (15)

  • 1983--Caracas;
  • 1982--Quito;
  • 1980--Republic Of China, Tokyo Outdoor, San Jose;
  • 1979--Quito;
  • 1978--Bogota, Las Vegas;
  • 1977--Indianapolis, Santiago;
  • 1976--Toronto Indoor WCT;
  • 1975--Charlotte;
  • 1972--Caracas;
  • 1970--South Orange;
  • 1969--Buenos Aires

Career Doubles Finals (14)

  • 1981--Buenos Aires, Palermo;
  • 1978--Santiago, Monte Carlo WCT;
  • 1976--Dayton;
  • 1974--Buenos Aires, US Open, Washington;
  • 1972--French Open, Brussels, Indianapolis;
  • 1971--Bournemouth, Buenos Aires;
  • 1968--Cincinnati
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