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Huaca de Chena

Huaca de Chena , also known as the Pucara de Chena, allegedly one promaucae fortress , rather an astronomic observatory and sacred Huaca, used by them Incas, located on Cucara Point , small orographical eminence that stands out towards the south of Chena Mountain, in the basin of San Bernardo , commune of Calera de Tango, Maipo Province, Chile. Tala Canta Ilabe, was the last Inca who celebrated Inti Raymi in its Ushnu.

The word Chena a Hispanic form , from the original China but if Quechuan listens this word declares undoubtedly that will be listened chiena. China means in Quechuan Puma in Estrous cycle .

In 1976, archeologist Ruben Stehberg published the report " Chena's Fortress and your relation with the inca occupation of central Chile ". The topographic raising that the engineer Hans Niemeyer realized at it , emphasized the needings of a researcher in archaeology.

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