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Hospital Naval Almirante Nef

The Hospital Naval "Almirante Nef ", is one of four hospitals in the Health System of the Naval Armada de Chile, the most important and which manifests itself in the full strength of Naval Health.

Serving the entire population of the First Naval Zone Navy Valparaiso. It has developed important milestone for medicine in Chile, as the first heart transplant performed by the medical team of the Naval Hospital in cardiology, led by the late Dr. Jorge Kaplan to the patient Maria Elena Penaloza and the first Angiography practiced in Chile, among others.

This hospital has the most advanced medical technology, being one of the most prestigious medical centers in the country.

The current Director of the Almirante Nef Naval Hospital is Captain Kurt Hartung Sabugo.

Its motto isWe want to give you the best!, Engaging with their patients to deliver a service and quality care and cutting edge.


In the late nineteenth century and early XX in Valparaiso Naval Hospital there was an own and care was done in "Pavilion Marina" Hospital San Juan de Dios de Valparaiso. In 1919 the situation became untenable because of the narrowness of the site because it had to be evicted for being aimed at the reconstruction of the women's section.

Hospital starts to build in 1920 on a site located at Playa Ancha, where the old Fort Citadel. On May 21 of that year was the ceremony to lay the first stone. The construction of the new one lasted long period of time until, finally, patients in the room assigned to the Navy in San Juan de Dios Hospital were moved to new facilities on December 14, 1927.

With this ended a period of fifty years in the Navy that had depended on the facilities granted by the board of charities and left Valparaiso to occupy the premises in a public hospital in the city.

This was renamed "Almirante Nef" by government resolution dated February 9, 1933. Vice Francisco Nef Jara struggled to finance the construction of the Naval Hospital in Valparaiso and chaired the committee that was dedicated to this purpose.

On February 26, 1952 inaugurated a modern building built in the twenties for the Pensioner and Maternity.

New Hospital

In the eighties, in an assessment by the Department of Health of the Navy, it was evident that hospital facilities were inadequate and made the draft of the new Naval Hospital.

The new health system gave life to the Naval Medical Consulting Naval Villa Alemana, Vina del Mar and Valparaiso. These establishments are the gateway to the system and provide primary care to adults, mothers and children, counting two of them (Valparaiso and Villa Alemana) with Emergency Services.

The design of design and architecture of the new Naval Hospital, were aspects that are unique to a specific setting for the Armed Forces.

That is why their equipment and ability to face emergencies, war or natural disasters which have high incidence of traumatic pathologies and burned.

The hospital was inaugurated on December 14, 1990, presiding over the ceremony the Minister of National Defense Patricio Rojas Saavedra and the Commander in Chief of the Navy, Admiral Jorge Martinez Bush.

Historical Facts

1927: Transfer of patients from the Pavilion Marina "H. San Juan de Dios Hospital Naval.

1929: First Congress of Medicine and Surgery Naval and Military.

1931: First arteriography performed in Chile.

1939: For the first time in the world is accomplished by treating the disease directly from Nicolas Fabre.

1952: Inauguration of the building for the maternity and pension services.

1968: First heart transplant in Chile, by Dr. Jorge Kaplan.

1978: Construction of the Naval Medical Research Institute Specialized.

1979: First liver transplant at the Naval Medical Research Specialist.

1990: Moving patients to new hospital, from Valparaiso to Vina del Mar.

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