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Greeks in Chile

According to the Greek Governments Ministry of Foreign Affairs [ref]http://www.mfa.gr .Go to Foreign Policy click Latinamerica and then click on Chile and its relations with Greece and it clearly states 1,500 greeks in Chile of several generations.. Another organisation that studies ethnic groups around the world called the Joshua project [ref]http://www.joshuaproject.net claims that Chile has up to 6,300 greeks. and reside either in the Santiago area or in the Antofagasta area, mostly. Chile is one of the 5 countries with the most descendants of Greeks in the world.

The Greek community has great importance in Chile. The first immigrants arrived during the sixteenth century from Crete, so named "Candia" in honor of the island's capital, the current Heraklion. The surname, although at present, is very disconnected from its ancient origins. The majority of Greek immigrants arrived in Chile at the beginning of century, some as part of their spirit of adventure and escape from the rigors of the World War and the catastrophe of Smyrna in Asia Minor, although many Greeks had already settled in Antofagasta, including crews of the ships commanded by Arturo Prat for the Pacific War (1879-1883) in naval battle of Iquique (boatswain Constantine Micalvi). It is very likely that the good climate of the area has been a major attraction for immigrants Greeks.

Amid this flood of foreigners who populated northern Chilean appeared Greece. Was a numerous Collectivite Hellenic whose records were listed in two sources. One of these was the extensive collaboration that gave the Chilean press through its pages in the newspaper El Mercurio. The other end of the fire under the rubble of the first home that housed the proto-Hellenes of Chile.

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