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Glaciers of Chile

The glaciers of Chile covers 2.7% of the land area of the country, excluding Antartica Chilena, and have a considerable impact on its landscape and water supply. By surface 80% of South Americas glaciers lie in Chile. Glaciers develop all over the Andes of Chile, even in the north were lower precipitations and increased sea level temperature is compensated by higher mountains. However, the largest glaciers of Chile are located in the Northern and Southern Patagonian Ice Field. From a latitude of 45 S and south some glaciers reach sea level.

Apart from of height and latitude Chilean glaciers their setting depends of precipitation patterns; in this sense two different regions exists; the Dry Andes and the Wet Andes.

List of ice fields

This is a list of the ice fields of Chile.

List of glaciers

Alemania Glacier

Amalia Glacier

Balmaceda Glacier

Bernardo Glacier

Bruggen Glacier or Pio XI Glacier

Chico Glacier

Colonia Glacier

Darwin Glacier

Dickson Glacier

Francia Glacier

Garibaldi Glacier

Grandes Ventisqueros

Gran Campo Nevado

Grey Glacier

Holanda Glacier

Italia Glacier

Jorge Montt Glacier

Juncal Norte Glacier

La Paloma Glacier

Leones Glacier

Los Perros Glacier

Marinelli Glacier

Nef Glacier


Northern Patagonian Ice Field

O'Higgins Glacier

Patagonian Ice Sheet

Pingo Glacier

Queulat Glacier

Romanche Glacier

San Francisco Glacier

San Quintin Glacier

San Rafael Glacier

Serrano Glacier

Soler Glacier

Southern Patagonian Ice Field - Chile/Argentina

Steffen Glacier

Stoppani Glacier

Tyndall Glacier or Geike Glacier

Universidad Glacier

Yelcho Glacier

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Chilean glacier inventory at Glaciologia.cl

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