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Gerardo Huber

Gerardo Huber Olivares was a Chilean Army Colonel and agent of the DINA, Chile's intelligence agency. He was in charge of buying weapons abroad for the Chilean Army. Larry Rohter, Colonel's Death Gives Clues to Pinochet Arms Deals, The New York Times, 19 June 2006 Huber was assassinated shortly before he was due to testify before Magistrate Hernan Correa de la Cerda in a case concerning the illegal export of weapons to the Croatian army. That enterprise involved 370 tons of weapons sold to Croatia by Chile on 7 December 1991, when Croatia was under a United Nations embargo arising from the war in Yugoslavia. Biographical notice on Memoria viva NGO website In January 1992, Magistrate Correa sought testimony from Huber on the deal. However, Huber may well have been silenced to avoid implicating former Chilean President and then-Commander-in-Chief of the Army Augusto Pinochet, who was himself awaiting trial on related charges. Andrea Chaparro, CDE insiste en unir caso Huber con trafico de armas a Croacia, La Nacion, 15 August 2005

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