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Cola de mono

Cola de mono is a traditional Chilean drink served around Christmas time, and may be compared to Egg Nog.

Although there are many versions of this drink, it contains mainly aguardiente, rum, boiled milk, coffee, and anis. There are no virgin versions of this drink and thus, is mainly enjoyed by adults.


There are many theories surrounding the origin of the name. Since this drink is homemade, it was originally bottled in bottles whose labels were from the company Anis del Mono. Eventually the play on words of Cola de Mono was created. The more accepted theory, however, is related to President Pedro Montt, nicknamed El Mono Montt, or The Montt Monkey. During an evening party, Montt prepared to leave and asked for his revolver, a Colt. He was convinced to stay and continue on with the festivities. After all of the wine was drunk and the guests still thirsty for more, mixed milk, coffee, aguardiente, and sugar. Within time, the drink gained popularity and was dubbed "Colt de Montt," eventually morphing into "Cola de Mono."

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