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Claudio Huepe

Claudio Huepe Garcia was a Chilean politician, engineer and economist, member of the Christian Democrat party, who occupied several government and political positions. During his career, he was the provincial governor of Arauco, a member of the Chilean Chamber of Deputies, a government minister, and the Chilean ambassador to Venezuela. He was also among the first in his party to reject the 1973 coup by Pinochet and was exiled by the military dictatorship from 1975 until 1984.

During his years of exile and after returning to Chile, Claudio Huepe continued to be actively involved in politics, working for the return of democracy. As one of the most left-leaning Christian Democrats (a party that in Chile occupies the political center) he was instrumental in the formation of what later became the Concerted Parties for Democracy; the center-left coalition that defeated the dictatorship and has won all presidential elections since the military rule ended in 1990.

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