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Christell Jazmin Rodriguez Carrillo is a Chilean child singer. She became known in the popular Chilean Tv Show called "Rojo Fama Contrafama" imitating to the young singer Maria Jose Quintanilla in a contest. She has recorded three albums which were record in sales in the country and very well valued abroad, and was nominated for the Grammy Latino by her second record production.


Only daughter of Cristian Rodriguez and Myriam Carrillo, both members of the musical Christian group "Misterio Musical Evangelistica Piedra Viva", Christell was born and grew up in the middle of musical instruments and melodies. As her mother says, Christell from a very young age felt interest for the music, beginning not just to sing, but to touch some instruments and to dance. At the age of two, Christell took part in a festival of "Tambourines and Percussions", in which she stood out for her endowments of artistic execution and her pace on the music for being so small, and her father comments that "In the tambourine goes her rhythmic base and the times to be able to enter to a song", then and until years later, Christell continued accompanying her parents in musical presentations of their church touching the above mentioned instrument. At the age of four, She took part in an infantile festival with an unpublished qualified song "Mom told a story". That same year she collaborated in a Christian dance group.

But her artistic career began at the age of 5, on July 1, 2003, when she competed as Maria Jose Quintanilla's double (member of the tv show "Rojo Fama Contrafama") in one of the Galas realized by the above mentioned program in Talcahuano's city, singing rancheras. She sang the popular song "Mexico Lindo y Querido" where she captivated to all the audience and consequently she won, Since not only the people were charmed by her with her spectacular voice but beside possessing artistic talent, she demonstrated to have a personality on the stage that didn't make anybody indifferent.

Christell began to go to the Tv Show "Rojo...", singing, as Maria Jose Quintanilla, songs of the popular Mexican song-book, with only 5 years old she was singing songs as La Bikina, La Mochila Azul, Cielito Lindo, among others, whenever Christell was on the stage of "Rojo...", the Tv show was marking more than 38 points of rating. After a few months and after an agreement with the Record label Warner Music, the little girl was announced that she would record an album, and in December of the same year, she got her first homonym album, which in only one day had sold more than 8 thousand copies. Whereas a week she reached the platinum disc and with the same speed 8 platinum discs.

This is how began the story of this little great Chilean artist, who with only 9 years old, has recorded three albums and has been record in sales in the country. Covers like Mueve el Ombligo, Ponte las Pilas, Querida Abuela and unpublished qualified songs like Jerigonza, Caprichito, trabalengua have been her big successes.

In 2005 Christell was nominated to the Grammy Latino by her second album "La Fiesta Continua" turning into the youngest singer ever in being nominated to such a prize.

During 2006 she took part in the tv show "La Movida del Festival" of Channel 13, (Chile) as a "Commentator" of the Vina del Mar International Song Festival. More than a commentator, Christell went to give her opinion and point of view over this festival, demonstrating that all the opinions, independent from the ages, are valid.

During 2008 She has a role as an actress in the Chilean channel of television Chilevision doing live theatre in the tv stellar " Theatre in Chilevision " where she is developing and announcing a new facet.

In February, 22nd, 2010 Christell returns wuth her music again performing in the shows "La Movida del Festival" and "Viva la Manana", both of the channel canal 13.






During 2005 the young artist realizes varied trips of promotion of her career to foreign countries as Mexico, The United States and Puerto Rico,harvesting great success and receiving the whole fondness of the people, causing also great impact for her talent to so short age, so a special album was edited by the best songs of her first two albums to launch it in the above mentioned countries, and it was so much the success that the Mexican channel Televisa was interested enough in realizing a soap opera with the young artist as protagonist, beside of taking her as a "face" of one of the most important projects as TV channel: the campaign of promotion of

"Tarabu", destined to sell music by Internet, for which Christell recorded to the pace of the topic "Mueve el Ombligo" the following phrase of promotion: "Here you will find all my music, you can download my songs". This advertising offensive had Christell across the spot promoting the project (www.tarabu.com) in four channels of television, magazines like "TV y Novelas", radioes like The 40 Principal ones and Internet portals lik esmas.com. " Why do they choose me and not to Luis Miguel? ", said the little girl joking.

Other important steps that the young artist gave in the Aztec country was to take part of important programs of television as " In Family with Chabelo ", an emblematic infantile show of Televisa that overcomes 30 years on screen. Christell also visited important radioes, and other television shows, she gave interviews to the press and took part of the infantile space called Sonric'slandia.

In Puerto Rico and the USA also caused enough commotion, so much that they carried out a contest in both countries to search to "The double " of Christell Rodriguez.


Grammy Latino

At 7 years old Christell became 'the youngest singer ever' to be nominated to a Grammy, considering that this award (Latin and Anglo Grammy) had never nominated a child before in any of its categories.

== Calama Incident ==

This is how was called one of the biggest polemics that have stalked the little Chilean artist. It was during the Summer of 2004, February 21, while Christell was giving a show in Calama's city when she began to feel a stomach discomfort so she asks to get down of the stage but she wasn't allowed because of the goofs of the audience and because her father was asking her for one more song to calm the people. This situation was recorded by Andrea Espinoza, who was taking her daughter to seeing the show, and said to have felt very badly on having seen the girl singing while she was sick and that was the reason why she had decided to publicize the video.

The exhibition of the tape unleashed all kinds of reactions, including an accusation to the father of the young singer for exploitation. The father of the artist recognized to have committed a mistake and said: ''"It was my mistake on not having measured the inconvenience that she was feeling... I've should have listened to my wife who wtold me that Christell shouldn't act".''

The father, assured that Christell was taken to Calama's welfare center that morning, where ''"they did a stable diagnosis to her. In the evening she was good and encouraged and with desire of singing. Then she returned to be complicated, but it was during the show and we take her again to the clinic ". To what he added: " It was a mistake to ask Christell for another song, but I did it because I couldn't handle the situation neither the pressure of the audience. It wasn't to ask her, but to give her an idea to go out of the step, it was a mistake not to be able to handle the pressure of the people. I do not want that for this the people say to me that I am an exploiter".

For the other hand TVN the tvshow Rojo Fama Contrafama (tv show where Christell was announced) and particularly Rafael Araneda (the entertainer of the tvshow) clarified not to have been known of the situation, and though they had a conversation with the parents of little girl after the incident, Araneda clarified that the girl never had a saturated agenda and assured that singing is only a game for her, and that her parents have never forced her to tread on the stage. It was also written a letter by the channel [TVN] and the program (Rojo Fama Contrafama) which was well-read for Rafael Araneda in the program where they clarify they always protected the integrity of the little girl:

"In the presentation to the press of the new season of "Rojo Fama Contrafama", a position of the tvshow was requested opposite to Christell Rodriguez's private artistic performances, in the opportunity it was said that the topic would be approached in the tvshow ... today after knowing the video that shows to the evidently sick girl and being incited to continue with the show organized in Calama's city, we demonstrate our more absolute rejection, to actions of this kind that commit an outrage against the fundamental rights of the girl". "For our part we have the most absolute conviction that the relation that Christell has had with the tvshow Rojo Fama Contrafama adjusts completely to the law that recognizes the artistic activities of the young girl. In Christell's concrete case it is necessary to emphasize that her participation in the tvshow has been designed in a such way of respecting and protecting the own needs of her age ... ".''

== Christell Law ==

The "Christell Law" worries that there isn't exposed the health of the children, that their studies don't see interrupted and they are guaranteed by the patrimony that they will perceive as soon as they fulfill the adult age.

This Law was dictated after that the parents of the small singer were accused of infantile exploitation after appearing in television a fond video that was showing to Christell in a show in Calama in which her father was asking her for one more song, while she was with a stomach discomfort. This Law still is not in force.

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