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Camilo Valenzuela

Camilo Valenzuela was a Chilean General and chief of the garrison in Santiago de Chile. In 1970 he led a group that with intent to stop the newly elected Salvador Allende from being inaugurated as president, tried to kidnap constitutionalist Army Commander-in-Chief Rene Schneider. On October 19, 1970, the group, supplied with tear gas grenades delivered by the CIA, made an attempt to kidnap Schneider as he was leaving a bachelor party. But the attempt failed because Schneider left in a private car and not the expected official vehicle.

A second attempt October 20 was also unsuccessful. The CIA assured Valenzuela that "USG support for anti-Allende action continues." But they also concluded: "since Valenzuelas group is apparently having considerable difficulty executing even the first step of its coup plan, the prospect for a coup succeeding or even occurring before 24 October [the day for the Congressional vote] now appears remote."Church Committee, Alleged Assassination Plots Involving Foreign Leaders, November 1975, page 245.

At 2 a.m., October 22, machine guns were handed over from the CIA to Valenzuela's group. But before Valenzuela could make a new kidnap attempt, Schneider was shot later that day by a group led by Roberto Viaux, and died three days later in hospital. (The weapons supplied to Valenzuela were not used in the killing.)

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