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Calle 7 (season 1)

Calle 7, is a Chilean Television program, shown by TVN and on its first season was shown from Monday to Friday at 6PM in the afternoon. It is hosted by Martin Carcamo and its plot has to do with a group of youngsters who play and dance, and participate to win a top prize at the end of competition.

First Season

The first season of competition began on March 2, 2009, where the first participants were presented. The real competition started on March 8, 2009.

The participants that entered the competition against the team Calle 7 were the following:

Felipe Arancibia - Previously in the reality TV show Peloton, participated in the second season.

Juan Pablo Alfonso - Previously in the reality TV show Peloton, participated in the second season.

Paz Gomez

Camila Lobos

Iair Motles

Noelia Gramajo

But as time went on, they started to be eliminated, bringing on additional participants:

Francisco Rodriguez Prat (Pancho). Returned to the program on March 23 of 2009.

Valentina Roth. Joined the program on March 23 of 2009 - Ex Reality TV star from Rojo and Ex Yingo girl.

Veronica Roberts. Joined the program on April 1 of 2009 - Ex Miss Chile and ex participant on "La Granja VIP".

Nelson Mauricio Pacheco. Joined the program on April 1 of 2009 - Ex participant in "Clan Rojo".

Ronny "Dance" Munizaga. Joined the program on April 15 of 2009 - Ex Mekano.

Valentina Arce. - Joined the program on April 15 of 2009 - Ex Rojo girl.

Paola Torres. - Joined the program on May 13 of 2009 she joined competition in the middle of the programs first casting.

An additional participant joined the team Calle 7 and he was:

Alain Soulat Ex participant of Amor Ciego and Ex Yingo.

In this new format, on Mondays and Wednesdays the two teams compete with each other during three contests with a point system of 100, 200 and 300 points deciding the winner, while on Tuesdays and Thursdays, the losing team from the previous day has to nominate one candidate for the final day of elimination on that weeks Friday. Also Jean Philippe Cretton became part of the program as the host of " Calle 7 online" and comment the tasks.


The Bench (Blue)

On June 26 TVN gave the news of the creation of The Bench, due to the constant injuries that the original team members were having. On Monday June 29, the new rules say that if a participant is injured or has a doctors note, a member of this blue team will enter competition in his or her place. The bench blue team is formed by former members, and these people are:



The bench team members rules are the following:

If a participant of either the Yellow or Red team has an injury or sickness of less than 2 days, he or she can choose a reliever from the blue team to compete in his or her place.

In the event that the injury or sickness is for more than two days, the member of the team can choose a replacement for him or her in competition, giving the member of the blue team his spot to participate on his own for the big prize.

Individual Competition

On July 6 the program started to show its individual competition, throwing away the format of Yellow and Red teams. All remaining members would wear an orange color. The point system will be given on a scale system, giving the 9 remaining competitors 900 for first place and 800 for second, and so on. The team members that reached this stage are:

*(Entered in place of Ronny "Dance" Munizaga.)

**(Entered in place of Valeria Ortega.)

Elimination Table

The elimination system of the individual competition functions in the following manner. Everyday from Monday to Thursday, members compete in three different events, being sent to elimination the member with the lowest points on each day, but at the same time disappearing from competition once they are called nominated. On the contrary, the person that makes the most points for the week, can choose to save a nominated player on thats week elimination day. Finally the person that is eliminated is out of competition for the final prize, but he or she enters the bench team.

NOTE: In the 4th and final week of individual competition, on Monday and Tuesday the competitors will have to earn the most amount of points, while the one with the least amount of points will be eliminated. Same thing will occur on Wednesday and Thursday. On Friday July 31, 2009, the big winner of the first season of Calle 7 will be announced.

(1) He was send by the public to the big final.(2) She was won the semi-final tasks so she went to the big final.(3) Semi Finalist. Get the 3rd Place.(4) Semi Finalist. Get the 4th Place.

Big Final

The Big Final of the 1st season of Calle 7 was July 31 2009 having 15 points of rating with a peak of 23 points and as a result Francisco "Chapu" Puelles taking as the big prize 5 millones de pesos chilenos (U$D 9.500 dollars), Valentina Roth, who get the second place on the program, obtain quinientos mil pesos chilenos (U$D 930 dollars). Felipe Camus obtain a symbolic prize for being El mejor companero" (Best Teammate) of the program and Francisco "Chapu" Puelles who get the big final prize also obtain the prize "Espiritu Calle 7" (Calle 7 Spirit) for being the best to represent the values that the program wants to give, as good competition and friendship.

Old Participants and Eliminated

Former cast

Camila Stuardo Retired due to problems with the programs production.

Camila Nash Retired to continue her studies at Vina del Mar.

Nicolas Oyarzun Retired from competition due to personal problems and gave his spot to Veronica Roberts.

Javiera Tapia Retired on the week of April 12.

Mara Curotto Retired on the week of May 3.

Veronica Roberts Retired from competition on May 12. She could never start the competition due to extended medical leaves.


Felipe Arancibia - 1 Eliminated

Camila Lobos - 2 Eliminated

Paz Gomez - 3 Eliminated

Noelia Gramajo - 4 Eliminated: rejoined due to repechaje.

Daniel Fernandez del Castano - 5 Eliminated: rejoined at repechaje.

Juan Pablo Alfonso - 6 Eliminated

Felipe Camus - 7 Eliminated: rejoined due to repechaje.

Constanza Vivas - 8 Eliminated: rejoined at repechaje.

Iair Motles - 9 Eliminated: rejoined at repechaje.

Paola Torres - 10 Eliminated

Laura Prieto - 11 Eliminated: left the competition but was able to rejoin due to repechaje.

Valentina Arce - 12 Eliminated

Noelia Gramajo - 13 Eliminated

Felipe Camus - 14 Eliminated

Alain Soulat - 15 Eliminated

Elimination on Individuals

Laura Prieto - 16 Eliminated

Gianella Marengo - 17 Eliminated

Constanza Vivas - 18 Eliminated

Belen Munoz - 19 Eliminated

Daniel Fernandez del Castano - 20 Eliminated


A team "Blue" of former Eliminated contestants was formed on Monday June 1.

They are currently participating to try to rejoin either the Yellow or Red team.

The participants from the blue team are:

Noelia Gramajo

Daniel Fernandez del Castano

Felipe Camus

Constanza Vivas

Iair Motles

Laura Prieto

Repechaje Results

On Friday June 5, the results of a week long competition for the blue team came out. The first member to re-join the Calle 7 team was Laura Prieto due to the public support (callers supported her over the rest of the competitors). The second member to re-join was Felipe Camus, he won the overall competition among the blue team players. The third and final member to re-join was Noelia Gramajo, she was selected by Francisco Rodriguez Prat the member of the red team who defeated Gianella Marengo in a one on one competition.

In summary the results from the "Repechaje" are:

Laura Prieto - Re-joins the program due to public support

Felipe Camus - Re-joins the program as the winner of "Repechaje"

Noelia Gramajo - Re-joins the program due to the support of Francisco Rodriguez Prat

Daniel Fernandez del Castano - Eliminated forever

Constanza Vivas - Eliminated forever

Iair Motles - Eliminated forever


Day after day the teams compete in the following contests divided into subcategories:

Team Contests

At these competitions the Yellow and Red team compete.

Jenga: a game of tactic that includes taking a small tower apart with out destroying it piece by piece; the loser is the member who destroys the tower

El Parron Extremo: Consist of putting an escalator over the pool and being able to cross it on your knees; after crossing the pool, you must take a ball and throw it to your partner, who puts it on a basket, and starts the event on the same way. The team with the most balls in a lapse of time wins the competition.

Colgados: The participants must remain hanging from a tube over the pool, the winner is the one that last longer

La Trenza Humana: Four members hang from ropes attached to their bodies over the ceiling. They must untangle the ropes and untangle themselves, the team that does this in the least time wins.

Camisa de Fuerza: A team member puts on a straightjacket and is submerged under water with oxygen supplied. He is tied with ropes and locks, the reminder of the team members must unlock him or her, and save him from the water. The team who does this in less time wins

El Puente: This contest consist of a member trying to cross a bridge over the pool and opposite players trying to knock him down and out of the bridge.

El Eliminador: Consists of crossing over a pool with floating foams and ring a bell as many times as possible. The winner is the team who does more laps across the pool.

Esposas extremas: A single competitor must free his or her teammates locked inside a pool with handcuffs.

Sumo Extremo: Three participants from each team compete to take away a towel on the opposite team using Sumo like clothing, the contest is done over a very slippery surface.

Laberinto Humano: Consist of crossing a maze on your belly and take a ball and make the same route in as little time as possible.

El Peso Pesado: Consists on holding a bag of 20 to 50 kilograms by a rope and holding it until nobody is left competing.

Futbol Gigante: Consists of playing soccer with a huge ball and with your hands.

El Arrastre: Consists on crawling on your backs with hands and feet tied together over a very slippery surface.

Los Tablones: Consists on crossing the length of the pool with the use of two boards, switching one with the other until you reach the end and go back.

El Cofre

Tunel Elastico: Consists in crossing an underwater tunnel made of elastics that cut you off and trap you underwater. The team with less time on the obstacle wins.

El Muro

Los Estribos: Pendulum like steps are hanging from the ceiling and one must cross all the way to the end and go back, winner is the one that takes the least time.

Peso Fatal: Consists on holding a tray with three or two drinks on it, straight in front of you with your arms extended. Winner is the one that last the longest.

El Siberiano: Consists on being able to push a sled down a track in as little time as possible.

La Rueda

Telarana: Consists of an elastic obstacle that every member of the team must cross together holding a glass of water, the water must be put on a container and the team with the most water wins.

Pesca Humana: Consists on one participant being hanged upside down on the pool must be let go and rescue 5 key treasures and put them on a container above. The rest of the team members must be able to lift you off the water and help you put the treasure on the container. The team that does this in as little time as possible wins.

Individual Contests

In these contests members of the same team participate in order to determine who nominates for the elimination Fridays.

Pesca Milagrosa: Consists on constructing a fishing rod and then being able to fish out little balls out of the pool. The one with the most balls wins.

Los Troncos: Consists on stepping into a log and hold your position for as much time as possible. Last man standing wins.

Los Egipcios:

La Cascada:

El Francotirador: This contest consists of while being hanged by a cable, being able to fire a water gun and extinguish 10 candles placed side by side. Winner is the one that finishes first.

Las Lanzas:

El Peso Fatal: Consists on holding a bunch of sticks together by the ends and every time the amount of pieces is increased making it harder to hold them all. Winner is the last man standing.

El Basketbolito: Consists on trying a basketball like shot from the edge of the pool to the end. Winner is the one with most shots made.

La Herradura:

Las Tazas Chinas: Consists on holding together a set of cups together with plates on a single stick, and holding it for the most amount of time.

Contest of immunity and elimination

La Tuberia: This is the game of immunity or elimination performed on Fridays. Consists of traveling across giant rotating tubes placed over the pool, on your chest and trying not to lift your chin from the surface (doing it like a snake). The one with the better mark wins or avoids being eliminated. Due to the expertise that some members exhibit, the rules have changed from day to day, and now if you pass it once you got to do it again, and the one with most passes wins.

Older Sections/ Recent Sections

The program employs different sections, some have been left behind and are no longer shown, but still some remain.

Older Sections

Desfiles Fashion Parades

Mix bailable Mix of dances.

Recent Sections

Calle 7 Sin Editar Calle 7 with out editing.

Calle 7 Virtual (with Jean Philliphe Cretton): At first it was a contest for viewers to send their pictures, but then turned into a small section where co-host Jean Philliphe monitos the programs webpage and the chat room.

Calle 7 Sin Salida: A section presented in time of repechaje, consists of short interviews to the cast. Like little confessions.

Desafios (Challenges): ''Among the many are: "Eat and guess", "Drink Soya", "The onion", "The hot sauce", "The ballons", "If you know it, sing it", "Musical chairs on bouncing balls", "Math challenge", "Memory challenge", "Tales of uncle Martin", "bachelor's degree 7", " The juice machine", "Jump the rope", "Drink Jurel Juice", "The Cake toss", "Waxing" and "Make the Ref laugh".''

Calle 7 Road to the final

Starting June 8, Calle 7 road to the final begins. After the repechaje stage, the road to the grand prize final begins.

At this new stage of the program, new modifications to the elimination of participants began. For example, on Tuesdays and Thursdays the contests are per losing team to choose the nominated to be eliminated member. In the first challenge the members compete in order to be able to nominate a teammate, but in the second challenge members participate in order to win immunity and avoid being nominated by an opposing team member. (the nominating member of the opposing team is elected by phone calls from the public).

At the same time on Fridays competition 2 out of 4 members are saved from competing on la tuberia, one from public vote and the other by competing in pre-elimination challenge. That way only two enter the final eliminator la tuberia.

Grand Final Prize

After an arrangement with production and TVN, it was decided that the grand prize will be a great sum of money ($5.000.000 pesos or U$D 9.500 dollars) for the winner of Calle 7.

This prize replaces the first five set of prizes that was announced at the beginning, where the winner could choose a prize among these five.


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