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Calle 7 (Second Season)

Calle 7, using its newer line La competencia no es de verdad (The competition is not real) is a program transmitted by TVN from Monday to Friday at 6 pm, and now Sunday at 7:30 pm, it is hosted by Martin Carcamo, and its main purpose is to see youngsters compete in several challenges in order to win the final big prize.

Second Season

The second season of Calle 7 began on Monday, August 3 of 2009. The new competitors were presented, and called Challenging Team, they will team up to compete against the well known Team Calle 7 that includes the first season winner Francisco "Chapu" Puelles. The competition system is the same as the one utilized in the first season; On Mondays and Wednesdays, the two teams compete in three events, each worth 100, 200 and 300 points. The winner of those days is saved from competing in elimination, while the loser has to compete among themselves on Tuesdays and Thursdays to elect a nominated team member. The elimination competition is on Fridays, and the loser leaves Calle 7 for ever. This season is formally presented Jean Philippe Cretton as the co-host of Calle 7.

The new participants for Calle 7 second season are the following:

Andrea Koch Professional Tennis player of WTA.

Alejandro Arriagada Ex Mekano

Yuri Gutierrez Circus Artist and winner of the program Hombre al agua.

Matias Leal Ex Yingo

Ivana Vargas - Ex Rojo dancer

Andre Echever

Giordano Barros

Karen Amenabar - Ex Rojo cast member

Stephanie Truan Participated in El Ultimo Pasajero along side Constanza Vivas and Laura Prieto.

But as participants get eliminated new came and they are the following:

Sandra Bustamante An Argentina model, she joined the program on August 4, 2009

Isabel Fenandez - Joined the program on August 12, 2009

Oscar Garces - Joined the program on August 12, 2009

Daniel Fernandez del Castano Joined the program on August 18, 2009 later of leaving Calle 7 couples of weeks ago.

Juan Pablo Alfonso - Ex Peloton II.

Daniel Vergara - Ex Peloton I.

Solange Grassi - Ex Peloton I.

Yessenia Guerrero - Girlfriend of Daniel Fernandez, joined on September 14

Maite Orsini - Chilean actress, ex reality Amor ciego II and Yingo girl. She joined the program on October 6.

Camila Stuardo - Was an early contestant at the beginning of Calle 7, but decided to leave to prioritize her studies. Came back to the program on October 28 to join the yellow team.

Paz Duarte - Chilean model. Joined the program on October 28 into the red team.

Federico Koch - Joined the program on December 23, he will go to the bench.

Florencia Gabarros - Joined the program on January 19, 2010, she will go to the bench.

Francisco Barrena - Joined the program on January 19, 2010, he will go to the bench.


Original Teams

The teams for the second season of Calle 7 are:

New Team Groups

The new teams of the second season of Calle 7 were presented on August 26, 2009, due to the constant defeats suffered by the Red challenging team. It was decided that the teams were not equally balanced, so new teams were created and the following is the new structure:

Competition in Teams

Competition Table

Yellow Team

(1) 4th eliminated, rejoined competition due to Solange Grassi leaving it. (2) 5th eliminated, rejoined the competition due to Constanza Vivas leaving it. (3) 18th eliminated, actually he take the decision of retired from the show by problems with a contestant, later of thinking he decide to form part of the bench players.(4) She retired of the competition on October 8 for personal reasons and gave her place to the last eliminated, Juan Pablo Alfonso. She came back on November 23 and was back in her old team.

Red Team

(1) 8th eliminated, rejoined competition due to Valentina Roth leaving it, even that she was yellow he stay in his original team. (2) 15th eliminated, rejoined competition by the repechaje, but enters the red team.(3) 17th eliminated, rejoined the competition to the Red team due to Yuri Gutierrez leaving it.

Repechaje stage

The "Repechaje Stage" or "Comeback Stage" this season will be decided by the public. The public will have to send text messages to decide who re-enters the competition and who will get the chance to go after the 5 Million Pesos. The members who will enter "Repechaje" are:

The 2% remaining percentage belongs to Sandra Bustamante, who decided to participate in the "repechaje", but later on opted not to do it.

Elimination Weeks

(1) Nominated due to injury in previous week

From this moment on the program will start to be transmitted from Sunday to Friday, which bring a few modifications to the competition. On Sunday, the two teams compete in three events, so a winning team is known and an immune player is selected.

(1) Sandra Bustamante has a medical leave for 3 weeks, she will be an extra nominated upon her return.
(2) Giordano Barrios was the loser of the elimination, but he was saved when Belen Munoz took his place and retired.

Now, on every day of the week there is going to be a nominated competitor, every day will have a nominated one:

(1) Daniel Vergara rejoined the program after Solange Grassi officially retired. (2) Ronny Dance was injured the week prior, so he is automatically nominated for the following week.(3) Juan Pablo Alfonso rejoined the program after Valentina Roth officially retired. (4) Francisco "Chapu" Puelles replaces Valeria Ortega as the nominated one, since there was a change of captains in both teams, resulting in Juan Pablo Alfonso being the captain of the Red team and Valeria Ortega the captain of the Yellow team. (5) Paz Duarte presented an injury and escaped nomination, she will be nominated the next time she is in competition. (6) Due to Yuri Gutierrez absence, the elimination this Thursday was canceled and only three players will compete on Friday. Yuri Gutierrez will automatically be nominated the following week. (7) Alejandro Arriagada joined the Red team after Yuri Gutierrez left the program on December 7.(8) Valeria Ortega rejoined the competition because Constanza Vivas retired and give her place.

Individual Competition

On Monday December 14, the individual competition began; everyone will be dressed in Orange, there will be no more Red or Yellow teams. The participants in these games will be:

(1) He replace Alain Soulat

(2) Pancho Rodriguez leaves Calle 7 to join the 4th season of Peloton.(3) Felipe Camus was the 6th eliminated but he was chosen by the public to get to the final directly.

The Bench (Blue)

The "Bench players", made of former eliminated players, will be available in case of illness or retirement from participating members of Calle 7. If a player that is ill or has an injury more than 2 days the Bench players would take there place. The Bench players so far are:

(1) Due by an injury he give his place to Francisco "Chapu" Puelles(2) He joined the program on December 23, directly to the Bench. (3) She retired of the competition in teams on September 16 to prioritize her studies as a nurse, when she graduated she returned to the program on January 6, 2010 going to the bench players.(4) Both joined the program on January 19, 2010 as new cast members, going directly to the Bench.

Tabla de eliminacion

The competition systems is the same as the last season; while everybody will compete individually from Monday to Thursday, being the worst player of each day the nominated one for the day, and the loser of the Friday competition among the nominated ones the one to be eliminated forever from the program and become part of the Bench team if needed.

(1) Due to her absence in the Tuesday program, where the third competition from the last day was going to be played, she gets automatically nominated

(2) Due by Christmas parades.(3) Laura Prieto was the loser of this week's elimination, but due to a letter sent by Martin Carcamo, and because the team is celebrating Christmas, it was announced that nobody will be eliminated this week, that being said, Laura Prieto continues her quest for the 5 million Pesos.(4) None this week because of New Year (there was no program on the 31 of December) and this let a None saved for the week. (5) Both winners by a tie of 700 points on elimination.(6) He was substituted by Alain Soulat because he was with an injury.(7) It was Calle 7 1st anniversary, Because the 1st episode was show on January 12, 2009.(8) Valentina Roth did not compete by health problems and Constanza "Conny" Vivas replace her.(9) Both Winners by a tie of 700 points on elimination.

(10) Was send directly to the big final by the public decision.

Big Final Prize

Since Monday December 14 2009, by the individuals its started Calle 7 to the final to find the big winner of the program. First, the contestants have to raffle the hard tasks individually to not be eliminated and became one of the finalists; although the 1st would be chosen by the public, this would happened by sending the name of the favorite contestant on a text message, even the ones of the bench (just the ones that were eliminated and go when the individuals started), meanwhile the other contestants have to keep competing day to day to be finalists.

Final was January 29, 2010 on a prime time schedule the contestant that became the winner of the 2nd season of Calle 7, for second time, Francisco "Chapu" Puelles taking the big final prize cinco millones de pesos chilenos (U$D 9.500 American dollars) a prize that he share 50% with Felipe Camus, so he can continue his dream of studding.

Felipe Camus take the second place and obtain quinientos mil pesos chilenos ($930 American dollars), and also a symbolic award Spirit of Calle 7 for being the one the better shows the values of the program, as clean competition and friendship.

Retired and Eliminated Contestants

Retired Cast

Gianella Marengo She retired on July 31 after the final of the first season.

Nelson Mauricio Pacheco - He retired on July 31 after the final of the first season, he joined the reality show Peloton VIP.

Noelia Gramajo - She retired on July 31 after the final of the first season.

Stephanie Truan - Left the program on August 3 after only the first episode.

Isabel Fenandez - Left the program for unknown reasons

Oscar Garces - Left the program for unknown reasons

Belen Munoz - Left the program on August 28 to prioritize her studies.

Solange Grassi - Left the program on September 7 for personal reasons.

Yuri Gutierrez - Left the program on December 7 to continue with his circus career.

Francisco Rodriguez Prat ("Pancho") - Left the program on December 29 to join the reality show Peloton.


Andrea Koch - 1st Eliminated

Karen Amenabar - 2nd Eliminated

Matias Leal - 3rd Eliminated

Daniel Vergara - 4th Eliminated - Rejoined the program in place of Solange Grassi on September 7, 2009.

Valeria Ortega - 5th Eliminated - Rejoined the program in place of Constanza Vivas on September 17, 2009.

Sandra Bustamante - 6th Eliminated

Ronny "Dance" Munizaga - 7th Eliminated

Juan Pablo Alfonso - 8th Eliminated - Rejoined the program in place of Valentina Roth on October 8, 2009.

Giordano Barrios - 9th Eliminated

Yessenia Guerrero - 10th Eliminated

Daniel Vergara - 11th Eliminated

Andre Etchever - 12th Eliminated

Ivana Vargas - 13th Eliminated

Camila Stuardo - 14th Eliminated

Laura Prieto - 15th Eliminated - Rejoined the program due to Repechaje on December 2, 2009.

Paz Duarte - 16th Eliminated

Alejandro Arriagada - 17th Eliminated - Rejoined the program due to Yuri Gutierrez retirement on December 7, 2009.

Francisco "Chapu" Puelles - 18th Eliminated - Rejoined the program; Replace Alain Soulat because an injury.

Elimination in Individuals

Maite Orsini - 19th Eliminated

Laura Prieto - 20th Eliminated

Alejandro Arriagada - 21st Eliminated

Valeria Ortega - 22nd Eliminated

Valentina Roth - 23rd Eliminated (was the last one to be eliminated on a Friday)

Felipe Camus - 24th Eliminated


Team Contests

These contests confront the yellow and red teams.

;El parron extremo: This contests is about a crossing staircase over a pool in your knees, and being able to throw back a ball to your teammate, who baskets the ball and start the process of crossing the staircase again. The winner is the one with most balls.

;La ghymkana: This contests has to do with crossing an obstacle course with something that contains water and depositing the water in a container, the team that collects the most water wins.

;Los colgados: The teams select players that are supposed to hang themselves over a bar in the pool, the team member that last the longest wins.

;La trenza horizontal: Four team members try to untangle four pieces of rope, the team that does this first wins.

;Tunel elastico: Consists in swimming through a tunnel of elastic rubbers in the pool, ringing a bell at the end and making your way back. The team that makes the best time wins.

;Los estribos: Consists of hanging by a rope and making your way through the ropes to reach your destination.

;1,2,3 al reves: Consists of listening to songs backwards and try to guess them by ringing a bell and singing it.

;Reaccion en cadena: Consists of making a domino effect over a U-shaped table, making the domino effect is without a doubt the hardest part of the test.

;Mano veloz: Consists of drawing an artifact that the host gives you, and making your team guess what that artifact is.

;El Lazarillo: Consist of one member driving a Go Kart blinded while another member instruct him or her, avoiding cones and tires across the road.

;El Puente: Consists in jumping through a small bridge on a jumping ball, and ringing a bell at the end, team with most crosses wins.

;El Laberinto: Consists on traveling across a structure following a rope tangled up in the structure in the form of a maze. The first team across the structure wins.

Individual Contests

;Los troncos: Consists on standing over a piece of wood and keeping your balance, the last member to stand wins.

;La cascada: Consists of collecting water standing on a ramp up 7 meters above ground, and letting go the water and collect it on a basket. Member with the most water wins.

;Nervios de Acero: Consists on handling a round piece of wood with a small ball balancing on it, and hold your position until someone drops everything, with time more pieces of wood are added to the structure.

;El basquetbolito: Consists on throwing little balls into a basket from a particular distance, the member with the most balls wins.

;La herradura: Consists on hanging on a rope and standing over a horseshoe and keeping your posture until someone falls

;Las tazas chinas: Consists on holding on to a group of cups and plates over a stick, and holding your position until someone falls.

;La jaula: Consists on having participants come out of a cage by first untangling a rope and sometimes opening the chains of help members and then ringing a bell to see who is the winner.

;El talon de Aquiles: Consists on hanging on a wall by your heels only and keeping your back straight flat on that wall by the help of a big stick. The one that lasts the longest wins.

;La viga de equilibrio: Consists on walking or running through a piece of metal about 3 meters long on the floor, without losing your balance, and deposit a ball on a basket, the one with the most balls wins.

Contest of immunity and elimination

;La Tuberia: This is the game of immunity or elimination performed on Fridays. Consists of traveling across giant rotating tubes placed over the pool, on your chest and trying not to lift your chin from the surface (doing it like a snake). The one with the better mark wins or avoids being eliminated. Due to the expertise that some members exhibit, the rules have changed from day to day, and now if you pass it once you got to do it again, and the one with most passes wins.


;Calle 7 sin editar: It is the backstage show of the program.

;Calle 7 virtual (hosted by Jean Philliphe Cretton): At first it was a contest for the public to send their picture and win a prize by selection; it turned out to be an on line edition of the program, hosted by http://tvn.cl/calle7.

;Calle 7 sin salida: It shows interviews to the cast where they answer questions that usually have to do with their fellow cast members.


Stephanie Truan was a part of the program for about 5 minutes and later she retired for unknown reasons.

In the second season of the program, for the first time ever the elimination had to be postponed due to the breaking of La tuberia'' by a participant.

Due to the consistent wins of the yellow team and the dropping of contestants of the red team, the teams had to be re-assembled.

On Tuesday 1st of September start a new system of competition by make them facing competition every day between yellow and red team to find the nominated.

Many ex-contestants of the 1st season have been guest at Calle 7 OnLine (know also as "La Tiendita"), as Mara Curotto or Valentina Arce; sometimes the own contestants and "Dedos" who is the friendly Jean Phillipe.

An amazing event on Thursday 10 of September, the teams tie on each tasks.

An amazing event on Sunday 27 of September, the red team was not capable to guest any concept in 10minuts on the Mano Veloz.

Many artist have been on the show as the group "La Noche", "Americo", "Nicole", "DJ Mendez", "Cafe con leche", Miranda!, Mario Guerrero, Rafaga, Shamanes, Fanny Lu, "Reggaeton Boys", and more.

On the 2nd of november became part a singer and ex-former of Mekano,Rigeo. He participation is about making dance the contestans of the show with his songs.

Laura Prieto, a contestant of the show, was choseen for being a model on a video of DJ Mendez, "Lady".

The show was ten weeks (from the 23 of August until the 25 of October) on Sundays from 19:30 until 21:00, were it would show who has immunity for the week.

On November 18 2009 and by votes between contestants each one chose who they think as a leader or captain of the team, going from Francisco Rodriguez to Juan Pablo Alfonso for reds and from Francisco "Chapu" Puelles to Valeria Ortega for Yellow.

Valeria Ortega is the first woman to be the leader of a team.

On November 23 the show begins to be perform on the back yard of communication of TVN with new escenografy, that it consist of different places for different tasks; this by summer time.

An amazing event on elimination day (27 OF NOVEMBER), Paz Durante just get 3 votes by texting, so that let a 0% of the votes for became the save by the public.

Daniel Fernandez, contestant of the Yellow team, would be a contest of Mister Univers for his birth country, Argentina.

The big final was on Friday January 29 2010 and for 1st time it was on a prime time schedule .

Francisco "Chapu" Puelles was the 1st semi finalist and the winner of the 2nd season of Calle 7, becoming back to back winner.

Felipe Camus was the 1st finalist chosen by the public get 30% of the votes. Was followed by Valentina Roth with 29% and Valeria Ortega with 11%.

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