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Agustin Arturo Prat Chacon was a Chilean navy officer, and is considered to be Chile's greatest hero. He was killed at the Naval Battle of Iquique after jumping on board of the Peruvian armored monitor Huascar after his ship, the Esmeralda, was rammed by the Peruvian monitor. Prat, as captain of the Esmeralda, was the first to board the Huascar. He was killed shortly after boarding.

Previous to his martyrdom, Prat had taken part in several major naval engagements, including battles at Papudo (1865), a coastal city north of Valparaiso, and at the Battle of Abtao (1866), at the islet of Abtao before Chiloe Island. Following his death, his name became a rallying cry for Chilean forces, and since then, Arturo Prat has been considered a national hero.

Prat's name is commemorated on numerous plazas (squares), streets, buildings and other structures in Chile. His name has been commemorated by four of Chile's major warships, including a USS Brooklyn class cruiser in the 1950s, a British County class destroyer from 1983 to 2006, and most recently a Dutch Jacob van Heemskerck class frigate transferred to Chile as Capitan Prat in 2006. One of Chile's Antarctic research facilities, Arturo Prat Station, is named after him. His likeness also appears on the 10,000 Chilean peso bill.

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