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Yellow-faced Parrot

Topics: Birds of Bolivia

The Yellow-faced Parrot (Alipiopsitta xanthops), also known as the Yellow-faced Amazon, is the only species of the genus Alipiopsitta. It is a semi-nomadic species found in the cerrado region of Brazil and adjacent Bolivia. It occurs in small numbers and is declining or has already disappeared in large areas of its former range.

Previously, it was placed within the genus Amazona, but recent research showed that this species is much more closely related to the Short-tailed Parrot (Graydidascalus brachyurus) and to the members of the genus Pionus. Following this discovery, it was briefly placed in the genus Salvatoria, until this name was found to be pre-occupied by a group of polychaete worms from the superfamily Nereidoidea, thus leading to the transferal of the Yellow-faced Parrot to the genus Alipiopsitta.


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