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Railway stations in Bolivia

Railway stations in Bolivia include the following. The East and West network do not directly connect except via a roundabout route through Argentina. Many lines originally 762mm gauge of which some but not all converted to 1000mm gauge.


UN Map

Towns served by rail


Guaqui (3822m) - branch terminus and inland port

Viacha - junction

La Paz (3640m) - terminus and national administrative capital

Oruro, Bolivia (3710m) - junction

Cochabamba (2574m) - terminus

Potosi - branch

Sucre (2750m) - branch terminus and national constitutional capital

Uyuni (3670m) - junction for line to Chile


Villazon - border with Argentina

Open or Closed?

Uncia - branch terminus - mine


Trinidad - terminus


Santa Rosa del Sara

Montero (292m)

Santa Cruz - junction for Trinidad and Puerto Suarez

Villa Montes (439m)

Yucuiba- border with Argentina

San Jose de Chiquitos (304m)


Santa Ana

Puerto Suarez (117m) - border with Brazil

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