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Mario Monje

Mario Monje Molina was the Secretary-General of the PCB, the Communist Party of Bolivia (Partido Comunista Boliviano).Jacobson, Sid and Ernie Colon. Che: A Graphic Biography. Hill and Wang, 2009. 99. When the party split into a pro-Soviet and a pro-Beijing wing, he became the leader of the pro-Soviet wing. He agreed to help Ernesto 'Che' Guevara incite a revolution in Bolivia in 1966, yet decided otherwise later, and betrayed and denied him the support he required. It is rumored that Monje conspired with the Soviets to get rid of Che, maybe even leading the CIA to catch him so that the Soviets would avoid the blame. Aleida March (Che's widow) blames Monje for the death of her husband.

He was portrayed by actor Lou Diamond Phillips in .

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