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Llajwa pronounced(ya-hua) is a hot sauce prepared from hot chili peppers and tomato. Sometimes onions are added, and one of two seasoning herbs cultivated especially for this purpose: kilkina in Cochabamba and wakataya in the Altiplano and other valleys of Bolivia. It is preferably prepared on a grinding stone called a batan, which can be found in most Bolivian households in the forementioned regions. In the absence of a batan, it can be prepared in a regular blender.

It is consumed all over Bolivia from domestic, usually daily production.

Llajwa is served in a little dish to season all kind of dishes. A traditional use is as a dip for plain cooked potatoes, served with their skin. Food carts usually have it available for customers and for take-away food it is dispensed in small hand-tied clear plastic bags.

In the north of Chile (Arica and Iquique) the same sauce receives the name pebre, which in the rest of Chile refers to a completely different dressing.

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Llajwa Bolivian Hot Sauce
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