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List of political parties in Bolivia

This article lists political parties in Bolivia.

Bolivia has a multi-party system, with numerous parties.

The parties

Parties registered at the National Electoral Court

Revolutionary Nationalist Movement

Movement Toward Socialism

New Republican Force

Civic Solidarity Union

Nationalist Democratic Action

Revolutionary Left Front

National Unity Front

Without Fear Movement

Christian Democratic Party

Democratic and Social Power (Poder Democratico y Social)

Parties that lost their registration in 2006

Free Bolivia Movement

Progress Plan

Workers Social Union of Bolivia

Indigenous Pachakuti Movement

Agrarian Patriotic Front of Bolivia

Revolutionary Left Movement - New Majority

Parties that lost their registration in 2005

Patriotic Social Alliance

Institutional Vanguard Mariscal de Ayacucho

Bolivarian Movement

Parties that lost their registration in 2002-2003

Conscience of Fatherland - Patriotic Movement

Bolivian Socialist Falange

Democratic National Katarism

Freedom and Justice Party

Citizens Movement for Change

Revolutionary Liberation Movement Tupaq Katari

Communist Party of Bolivia

Young Force Party

Socialist Party

Revolutionary Vanguard 9th April

Groups contesting local elections

Assembly of the Guarani People - North Charagua

Change Charagua

Huanuni for All

Regional Federation of Mining Cooperatives of Huanuni

Socialist Aymara Group

Social Unity Uprising of September First (Levantamiento de Unidad Social Primero de Septiembre),

Unified Trade Union Sub Federation of Peasant Workers of Ancoraimes - Tupak Katari

Yungas Cocalera Revolution ''

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