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Bautista Saavedra Province

Bautista Saavedra is one of the twenty provinces of the Bolivian department of La Paz and is situated in the department's northwestern parts. The province's name honors Bautista Saavedra Mallea (1870-1939), Bolivia's president from 1920 to 1925.


Bautista Saavedra province is located between 14 45' and 15 20' South and between 68 18' and 69 12' West. It extends over 65 km from North to South, and up to 90 km from West to East.

The province is situated on the Bolivian Altiplano northeast of Lake Titicaca and borders Franz Tamayo Province in the Northeast to Northwest, Peru in the West, Eliodoro Camacho Province in the Southwest, and Munecas Province and Larecaja Province in the Southeast. Madidi National Park is partially in this province.


The population of Bautista Saavedra Province has increased by 30 % over the recent two decades:

1992: 9,995 inhabitants (census)

2001: 11,475 inhabitants (census)

2005: 12,437 inhabitants (est.)

2010: 12,851 inhabitants (est.)

41.3 % of the population are younger than 15 years old. (1992)

46.6 % of the population speak Spanish, 89.3 % speak Quechua, and 36.1 % Aymara. (2001)

The literacy rate of the province's population is 55.2 %. (1992)

94.3 % of the population have no access to electricity, 93.3 % have no sanitary facilities. (1992)

89.1 % of the population are Catholics, 5.7 % are Protestants. (1992)


The province comprises two municipalities:

General Juan Jose Perez Municipality - 9,841 inhabitants (est. 2005)

Curva Municipality - 2,596 inhabitants (est. 2005)

Places of interest

Apolobamba Integrated Management Natural Area

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General map of province

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