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Alvaro Garcia Linera

Alvaro Marcelo Garcia Linera is a Bolivian politician and current Vice President.

He was born in Cochabamba and graduated from San Agustin High School. Then, he studied at the National Autonomous University of Mexico in Mexico City and became a mathematician. Returning to his native Bolivia, he attempted to put some of his long-held socialist ideals to practice and joined the Katarist "Ponchos Rojos", a series of experimental, Marxist-inspired native communities in northwestern Bolivia. When this attempt at grass-roots politics failed to come to fruition, Garcia Linera opted for a more radical approach. Alongside Felipe Quispe, he organized and worked in the insurgent Tupac Katari Guerrilla Army. After being caught destroying electrical distribution towers in rural La Paz, he was arrested and charged with insurrection and terrorism. While imprisoned, he studied sociology. After his release he worked as a university professor, political analyst, and news commentator. He was a well known academic, known for his support of indigenous and left-wing political movements in South America (in spite of his upper-middle class upbringing and the fact that he is of Spanish descent). He wrote a monograph about the different political and social organizations that were a part of the political rise of the MAS and other indigenous factions, Sociologia de los Movimientos Sociales en Bolivia (Sociology of Social Movements in Bolivia), which was published in 2005.Garcia Linera, Alvaro. Sociologia de los Movimientos Sociales en Bolivia. La Paz: Plural, 2005. He was elected vice president as the running mate to Evo Morales in the 2005 presidential elections. He is an advocate of nationalization of Bolivia's hydrocarbons industry.

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