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Vicente Solano Lima

Vicente Solano Lima was a moderately conservative newspaper publisher and politician who served as Vice President of Argentina from May 25, 1973 to July 13, 1973.

Born in Ramallo, Buenos Aires, Solano Lima joined the Popular Conservative Party while enrolled in the University of La Plata. He earned a law degree in 1921 and became a provincial legislator in 1925, serving in the Lower House of the Argentine Congress on two occasions as a center-right [[w:es:Partido Democrata Nacional|National Democratic Party]] member. Solano Lima purchased an ailing San Nicolas de los Arroyos newspaper, [[w:es:Diario El Norte (San Nicolas)|El Norte]], in 1928. Becoming a market leader in northeastern Buenos Aires Province (an area which also includes Ramallo), El Norte became a forum for the National Democrats, who enjoyed majorities in Congress during most of the 1930s.

The election of populist leader Juan Peron to the Presidency in 1946 resulted in the daily's closure in 1948. Following Peron's 1955 overthrow, however, the National Democrats' stauchly anti-Peronist stance led Solano Lima to join Senator Alberto Fonrouge in his break from the party, co-founding the Popular Conservative Party in 1958. Supporting a policy of rapproachment with the exiled Peron, the Popular Conservatives joined the banned Peronists in a joint Popular Front for the 1963 elections, for which he accepted the nomination for the Presidency; the military's insistence on their ban thwarted the move, however, and helped lead to record blank votes.

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