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Union de Santa Fe

Club Atletico Union (mostly known as Union de Santa Fe) are a football (soccer) club from Santa Fe, the capital city of the province with the same name in Argentina. They were founded in 1907. Their main rivals are Colon de Santa Fe.

In 1965 the club were promoted to the Primera Division Argentina for the first time. They have played there for many years, alternated with periods in the second division. Union's supporters are called "unionistas" or "tatengues", and another name for the club is "El Tate". The colours of the club consist of red and white vertical stripes.

In 1979 Union played in the final of the Nacional championship, but lost on aggregate to River Plate.

The most famous players to have played for Union are Leopoldo Luque, World Cup winner with Argentina in 1978, and Nery Pumpido, the goalkeeper of the national team that won the World Cup in Mexico 1986.

Football is not the only sport in which Union participates. Among the others, basketball is the foremost, with Union's team currently in the third division. Carlos Delfino is the most famous basketball player to have played for Union.


Current squad

As of September 24, 2009.

Notable players

To appear in this section a player must have played at least 50 games for the club and/or played officially for their national team.

Alberto Galateo (1927~34)

Julio Avila

Jose Vicente Grecco (1949~53)

Victorio Cocco (1964~67)

Nestor Scotta (1967~69)

Mario Zanabria (1967~69)

Roberto Martinez (1970)

Leopoldo Luque

Carlos Trullet (1974~77)

Hugo Gatti (1974~1975)

Victor Marchetti

Ruben Sune (1975)

Nery Pumpido

Roberto Telch (1976~79)

Carlos Trucco

Fernando Husef Ali (1978~?)

Ramon Centurion

Osvaldo Escudero (1982~85)

Daniel Moron (1983~88)

Daniel Killer (1984~86)

Alberto Acosta (1986~88)

Ricardo Altamirano (1986~88)

Julio Cesar Toresani

Antony de Avila (1987~88)

Franco Navarro (1989~90)

Claudio Borghi (1990~91)

Dario Cabrol

Ricardo Giusti (1991~92)

Jose Luis Marzo

Danilo Aceval (1997~99)

Nii Lamptey (1997)

Pablo Cavallero (1998~99)

Juan Jose Jayo (1998~00)

Daniel Noriega

Matias Donnet

Marcelo Mosset

Waldir Saenz (1999)

Andres Silvera (1999~01)

Daniel Tilger (1999~01)

Martin Zapata

Fernando Ortiz (2000~03)

Ruben Capria (2001~03)

Leonardo Fernandez (2001)

Piero Alva (2002)

Roberto Battion (2002~07)

Ignacio Canuto (2004~07)

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