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Undulated Tinamou

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The Undulated Tinamou Crypturellus undulatus is a type of ground bird commonly found in lowland moist forest up to 900 m altitude. Although this species could also be found at dry forest or forest that has been degraded. This species is native to eastern and southern Colombia, southern Venezuela, southwest Guyana, east Ecuador to amazonian Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay and the extreme northeast of Argentina.


Crypturellus undulatus manapiare occurs in southern Venezuela

Crypturellus undulatus simplex occurs in Guyana

Crypturellus undulatus adspersus occurs in north Brazil,

Crypturellus undulatus yapura occurs from Ecuador to western Brazil,

Crypturellus undulatus vermiculatus occurs in eastern Brazil

Crypturellus undulatus undulatus occurs from eastern Bolivia to Paraguay and Argentina


The Undulated Tinamou is a shy and secretive Tinamou. It is approximately 28 cm in length. It is recognized by its greyish-brown above, tinged cinnamon on the back and greyer on rump, finely vermiculated with black, greyish tail. It has a white chin, greyish throat, spotted with white, remainder of underparts olive-grey finely vermiculated with black on flanks and undertail. Its bill is black in color, with greyish or yellowish green legs. When it is alarmed it will freeze. This species has a three-to-four note whistle, which is often heard at dawn and dusk.


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