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[[Image:StuffedBeefandCheeseSopapilla.jpg|thumb|250px|A stuffed beef and cheese sopapilla . [[:File:StuffedBeefandCheeseSopapilla2.jpg|Click to see inside.]]]]

A sopaipilla, sopapilla, sopaipa, or cachanga is a kind of fried pastry and a type of quick bread served in New Mexico, Chile, Peru, and Texas.

Sopaipilla and strudel were together designated as Texas' state pastries from 2003 to 2005.



In Chile sopaipillas are known to have been eaten at least since 1726. In Chile, the pastry can be served with either mustard; hot butter; or pebre, a sauce of onion, tomato, garlic, and herbs.

The sopaipilla is often served as sweet pastry, served with manjar or with chancaca sauce (or just as it is).


In Peru, the name for this fried pastry is cachanga, and it may be either sweet or sour. Generally prepared during breakfast time, this traditional food of the Peruvian cuisine is prepared differently depending on the region, with one of the recipies involving the usage of cinnamon. The main difference between this form of sopaipilla and the other Latin American versions is that they are larger, thinner, and more rigid.

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