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SoloSol - It can be read as Sol o Sol (Sun or Sun) or Solo Sol (Only Sun or Lonely Sun) - Mythical Argentinian underground art's newspaper, the first of its kind in South America. Created and directed by Gustavo Aguerre . The newspaper, in tabloid format and paper, was started 1973 in Buenos Aires, during the military dictatorship of General Lanuse, publishing poems, drawings, comics, articles and critics about film, literature, music and visual art. From the start was open for all kind of collaborations and the participants changed every number. Even if unspoken the publication had a clear free anarchistic direction and Gustavo resisted and fought any attempt of the collaborators to make propaganda or be the voice of any specific political group. Gustavo accepted political collaborations only if they had high artistic quality. The paper ceased its existence when Gustavo left Buenos Aires for Damascus. Nevertheless, before leaving, the last SoloSol and a poem's book of him came into print, but the man in charge of the distribution, joins Hare Krishna and never collects the publications. However, in the middle of 1974 a false Solosol was published by H. Sapere and M. Aguirre with very little, if any, artistic quality and plenty propaganda for the J.P. (Peronista Youth).

A few exemplars of SoloSol are in the collection of the MOMA (Modern Art Museum of N.Y.)

There are plenty of myths about the "disappearing" or "death" of Gustavo Aguerre; the truth is he is alive and well. Based in Stockholm, Sweden, since 1984, he created the art group FA+ with Ingrid Falk and they are active and well known as international artists and curators. For more information about FA+ look at www.fa-art.pp.se

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