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Second Malon de la Paz

The Second Malon de la Paz was a protest march of aboriginals of northwestern Argentina, demanding the restitution of their ancient lands. It started on 7 August 2006 in the province of Jujuy.

Malon is a word derived from Mapudungun and refers to a surprise incursion, as practised by the native tribes attacking creole settlements in the past. Therefore the expression means "Peace Incursion". The first Malon de la Paz was a 2,000 km march from Jujuy to Buenos Aires in 1946, to present land and human rights claims to President Juan Peron.

The Second Malon de la Paz was triggered by the long delay and refusal of the provincial government of Jujuy to comply with a judicial order granting the indigenous communities 15,000 km of land. An assembly of members of different communities gathered in Abra Pampa, 200 km north of San Salvador de Jujuy . Following the resolutions of the assembly, a number of delegates from the communities scattered around the province marched from the Quebrada de Humahuaca to Purmamarca (60 km north of the provincial capital).

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