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Sebastian Vilas

Sebastian Martin Vilas (born 5 January 1983) is an Argentine singer notable for his ability to sing in the whistle register

At the age of four he started to sing in front of the mirror, imitating the kids he saw on TV. A few years later this game turned into a passion and will soon become his vocation. By the age of nine he had a role in the TV series Festilindo for 2 episodes. Some months later, during his holidays in Miramar, he offered a show in a hotel, during which he was accompied by a group of other kids. After returning to Buenos Aires, he auditioned for Vicky Buchino, who described him as an autodidactic boy like the saxophonist Oscar Kreimer. Some months later he started having contact with the composer Sergio Villar. With 11 years of age he made his first demo single "Beso" ("Kiss"). A year later he recorded his first album called Mi Chica y el Ovni (My Girl and the UFO). Thanks to this piece of work he received a proposal for a record deal from Sony but a panic attack left it all for nought. This panic attack added to the change of his voice. It left Vilas uncomfortable and unstable with his vocals. This insecurity and feeling of failure when not being able to find comfort with his voice caused Vilas to abdicate his passion for 6 years. During that period, everything he had learned evaporated. In the middle of 1999 he began to smoke. But in 2002, Sebastian Vilas recommenced from zero. Again he was unsatisfied and discontented with his new vocal registry of 4 octaves and the "somewhat dirty" voice due to the cigarettes. But despite all these hindrances and hurdles, Vilas decided to look ahead, to again undergo the way of self-teaching. In 2003 he began to record his second album titled Volver a empezar.

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