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Santiago de Liniers

Jacques Antoine Marie de Liniers et Bremond was a French officer in the Spanish military service, and a viceroy of the Spanish colonies of the Viceroyalty of the Rio de la Plata. He is more widely known by the Spanish form of his name, Santiago de Liniers.

Liniers was born in Niort, France, son of Captain Santiago Luis de Liniers and Enriqueta Teresa de Bremond. Following a military and naval career in Europe, he was transferred to Montevideo, South America, in 1788 as a Spanish naval officer. In 1806, Liniers was commanded by the governor of Montevideo, Pascual Ruiz Huidobro, to attempt to recapture Buenos Aires from British invading forces led by William Carr Beresford. Liniers was successful in that task. Afterwards he was named commander-in-chief, as well as lieutenant of the viceroy. When a second invasion occurred in 1807, Liniers formed a junta along with Manuel Belgrano, invoked martial law, and finally deposed the viceroy on February 10, 1807.

Liniers was officially appointed as viceroy in May 1808; he served until August 1809 despite several attempts at his removal by his political enemies. In 1810, he was involved in a Monarchist plot against the First Junta of the May Revolution. After leading an uprising in Cordoba, Mariano Moreno ordered his execution on grounds of treason. The execution took place at Cabeza de Tigre, Argentina.

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