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Santa Fe, Argentina

Santa Fe is the capital city of province of Santa Fe, Argentina. It sits in northeastern Argentina, near the junction of the Parana and Salado rivers. It lies opposite the city of Parana, to which it is linked by the Hernandarias Subfluvial Tunnel. The city is also connected by canal with the port of Colastine on the Parana River. Santa Fe has about 369,000 inhabitants as per the . The metropolitan area has a population of 454,238, making it the ninth largest in Argentina.

Santa Fe is linked to Rosario , the largest city in the province, by the Brigadier Estanislao Lopez Highway and by National Route 11, which continues south towards Buenos Aires.


Santa Fe was originally founded by Captain Juan de Garay in the nearby site of Cayasta in 1573. The site is today an historical park containing the grave of Hernandarias, the first American-born governor in South America. The settlement was moved to the present site in 1653 due to the constant flooding of the Cayasta River. The city became provincial capital in 1814, when the territory of the province of Santa Fe was separated from the province of Buenos Aires by the National Constituent Assembly, held in the city in 1853.

Santa Fe is the commercial and transportation center for a rich agricultural area that produces grain, vegetable oils, and meats. The city is the site of the Catholic University of Santa Fe (inaugurated in 1959), and the National University of the Littoral .

A suspension bridge was completed in 1924, though severe flooding partially destroyed it in 1983 . The city's historical role in the Argentine Constitution led national lawmakers to choose it as the site of Constitutional Conventions in 1949, 1957, and 1994.

Its location is still not immune to flooding, however. On April 29, 2003, the Salado, which empties into the Parana near Santa Fe, rose almost 2 m (6.5 ft) in a few hours following heavy rainfall, and caused a catastrophic flood. No fewer than 100,000 people had to be evacuated, and large sections of the city remained under water more than a week later. That year, the suspension bridge was reopened, and in 2008, the city's historic grain silos were converted into the Los Silos Hotel and Casino, and San Martin Street was pedestrianized.

File:Ex estacion de omnibus belgrano.jpg|Santa Fe rail station (1905), today the long distance bus station

File:Teatro municipal santa fe.JPG|Municipal Theater

File:Bolsa de comercio sfe.jpg|Santa Fe Stock Exchange

File:Calle San Martin, Santa Fe, Argentina.jpg|Pedestrianized San Martin Street


The city has a climate considered as "Humid Subtropical" or "Cfa" by Koppen classification. Winters are generally mild, though minimum temperatures can fall below 0C (32F) on cold nights during the winter . Summers are generally hot and humid. During the most extreme heat waves, temperatures have exceeded 45C (113F). Temperatures have exceeded 35C (95F) in every season).

Rainfall can be expected throughout the year though summer is usually the wettest season. Thunderstorms can be intense with frequent lightning, powerful downdraughts and intense precipitation.

The City

[[Image:Ciudad santa fe argentina puente colgante.jpg|300px|thumb|Suspension bridge over the [[w:es:Laguna Setubal|Setubal Lagoon]].]]

Santa Fe has a lot of important commercial centres, busy cultural life, interesting options in sports and tourism, numerous artistic and musical events, and an exciting nightlife.

There is an important infrastructure for tourism developed due to the building of highways and a subfluvial tunnel and, together with the beauty of the landscape and the various attractions that tourists can enjoy make them feel pleased to choose this region to spend their holidays. Hunting, fishing, excursions, walks by the river, practising water sports on the River Parana , visiting the Space Observation Centre or the Zoo- Experimental Station of "La Esmeralda" Farm, make the tourist feel amazed and eager to know more about the region.

In a nutshell, Santa Fe offers a complete and varied shade of attractions that make one dive into history when visiting monuments, museums or find oneself in the beautiful parks, rivers and streams surrounded by wild flora and fauna.

Gallery of Panoramic views of Santa Fe

Notable natives

Graphic artist Juan Arancio

Boxers Carlos Baldomir, Juan Martin Coggi and Carlos Monzon

Writer Osvaldo Bayer

Catholic bishop Juan Agustin Boneo

Actor and theater director Norman Briski

Football manager Hector Cuper

Swimmer Diego Degano

NBA basketball players Carlos Delfino and Andres Nocioni

Poet and writer Ezequiel Martinez Estrada

Tennis player and then tournament director Raquel Giscafre

Provincial caudillo and governor Estanislao Lopez

Humorist Marcos Mundstock (Les Luthiers)

Football player Pedro Pablo Pasculli

Composer/Musician Ariel Ramirez

F1 driver and then politician Carlos Reutemann

Author/Novelist Juan Jose Saer

First American scientist Buenaventura Suarez

Plastic artist Ricardo Supisiche

Poet, writer and playwright Francisco Urondo


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