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Roberto Juarroz

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Roberto Juarroz (Coronel Dorrego 1925-1995 Temperley) was an Argentine poet famous for his "Poesia vertical" (Vertical poetry). He published fourteen volumes of poetry in all, numbered successively 1 to 14, under the general title "Poesia vertical", the first appearing in 1958 and the final one posthumously in 1997. W.S. Merwin published a bilingual selection of Juarroz' poems in the 1980s.

The poetry of Juarroz is spare and sometimes cryptic, with lines such as "busco las espaldas de Dios" ("I seek the back of God").

Octavio Paz wrote: Each poem of Roberto Juarroz is a surprising verbal crystallisation: language reduced to a bead of light. A major poet of absolute moments.

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