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Ricardo Lopez Jordan

Ricardo Ramon Lopez Jordan (18221889) was an Argentine soldier and politician, one of the last influential "caudillos" in the history of Argentina. He thrice rebelled against the government of Buenos Aires and was defeated in each attempt.

Lopez Jordan was born in Paysandu, in present-day Uruguay, in August 1822, son of the Argentine general of the same name, a former governor of the Argentine province of Entre Rios who found himself living in Paysandu as an exile. Young Ricardo Ramon Lopez Jordan's uncle Francisco Ramirez, another political strongman, was also active in the life of the region. The father returned to Entre Rios with his son in 1824, but in 1827 was again obliged to seek refuge in Uruguay. When, in 1830, the father tried (with the support of fellow strongman Juan Lavalle) again to recover power in the province, he sent Ricardo to study at the Colegio San Ignacio in Buenos Aires.

At the end of 1841, as part of the continuing Argentine civil wars, Ricardo Ramon Lopez Jordan was brought into the army of the governor Justo Jose de Urquiza in the defense of his province against an invasion from the Argentine province of Corrientes. On December 6, 1842, Lopez Jordan fought in the battle of Arroyo Grande under the command of the Uruguayan general Manuel Oribe, against the forces of Fructuoso Rivera; he was sent to Buenos Aires with news of Oribe's victory. Lopez Jordan spent the following months in convincing Juan Manuel de Rosas to free his father, the erstwhile governor of Entre Rios, who complied with his son's promise to Rosas that he would not involve himself in politics again.

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